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New Executive meets and decides roles

November 10, 2013

The new Executive met this evening to discuss strategy for the year ahead and assign portfolios to the non-constitutional officers.


2013/14’s portfolios will be:

  • Chair: James Hallwood
  • Vice Chair: Katharina Klebba
  • Treasurer: Martin Edobor
  • Anticipations Editor: Louie Woodall
  • Local Government and Regional Officer: Hetty Wood
  • Research Officer: Felicity Slater
  • Campaigns Officer: Alvin Carpio
  • Membership and Partnership Officer: Adebusuyi Adeyemi
  • International Officer: Joel Mullan
  • External Affairs Officer: Vicki Butler
  • Networks Officer: Lorna Russell

James Hallwood as new Chair

November 05, 2013

At a meeting of the Young Fabian Executive for 2013/14, James Hallwood was elected Chair of the Young Fabians for the year ahead. Topping the ballot of this year’s elections, James was previously the Secretary and Equalities Officer of the Young Fabians.

Katharina Klebba was elected Vice Chair; Martin Edobor, Treasurer; and A. Adranghi, Secretary.

These constitutional roles will formally be approved at the AGM on 16th November. Positions for the eight other elected members will be decided on 10th November after a strategy meeting.

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