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Ideas Series

With the general election fast approaching, now is the time to flesh out our vision for 2015. This is the last chance to really impact the choices of the next Labour government, and we believe that it is important that Young Fabians make their voices heard.

With this in mind, our research project for 2014 is an ideas series on One Nationism – and we’d like you to get involved.

These projects are led by Young Fabian members who successfully pitched during an open application process in early 2014. Each of these research projects will include different ways to get involved for members up and down the country.

You can sign up to participate in any of these projects here.




2014 is a big year for the Labour Party. The local elections and the European Parliament elections will both happen on 22 May, and the Young Fabians have an important role to play in helping the Labour Party win across the country. In addition, the Scottish Referendum takes places on 18 September - we would like to play our part in keeping Great Britain together.

Our challenge at the Young Fabians is to get organised and build a culture of campaigning. Starting now, we hope to build a campaigning culture to help Labour win this year, in the General Election next year, and the London Mayoral Election in 2016.

That is why we have created a Young Fabians’ Campaigns Programme. This year's Campaigns Programme is an opportunity for all members: some will be veteran campaigners who can share their experience, while others will see it as an opportunity get more campaigning experience - both are integral to helping Labour win.

Become part of the Campaigns Programme Leadership Team

If you want to be part of the Campaigns Programme Leadership Team (CPLT), let us know. The team is responsible for driving our strategy and helping us organise. It's a great opportunity for new campaigners to learn on the trail and for new campaigners to help shape the foundations.

You can sign up to participate here.

Twitter: @youngfabians #yfcampaigns

Communications Network

Founded in 2015 as a member-led network for young people working in public relations, marketing and journalism, the Communications Network is now one of the Young Fabians' most established networks. We are open to everyone with an interest in journalism and communications, and we run events on everything from fake and objective news reporting, coverage of local elections and Labour’s media strategy. 
Keep an eye out for our next series of events, and feel free to drop us at line at [email protected]

Health Network

How to get involved

Our team this year (2020-2021)

Chair - Stephen Naulls

Secretary - Shohaib Ali

Vice Chair - Emily Batchelor

Co Policy Officers - Nathan Hodson & Hasnain Khan

Publications Officer - Jatinder Hayre

Networks Co-ordinator - Tim Cheung

Parliamentary Liaison - Christopher Sargent

Economy & Finance Network

Who are the Young Fabians?

We are affiliated to, but distinct from, the Labour Party and have formal representation on the Young Labour National Committee.

The Fabian Society was founded in 1884 and played a crucial role in the founding of the Labour Party, the Young Fabians stand in this tradition. Founded in 1960, we are Britain’s only think tank run by young people for young people.

The Young Fabians are distinct from other youth movements in our focus on ideas and policy. Like our Fabian forbears we promote the discussion and dissemination of ideas to help shape Labour policy.

Our membership encompasses the Broad Church of the Labour Movement, we take no formal positions and value our commitment to working with all strands of Labour thought.

As a democratic socialist organisation, our members shape what we do. We have a proud past but work tirelessly to provide ideas for the present and the future.

Join us here and help shape the future of the left.

You can follow us on:

Twitter: @youngfabians

Facebook: Young Fabians

LinkedIn: The Young Fabians

Instagram: young_fabians


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