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SRI pension schemes: a behemoth force for good?

Once the sole domain of providers like the Co-Op, over the past decade, the concept of socially responsible investing (SRI) has come to the fore as investors of all sizes consider the ethical credentials of their portfolios. It then begs the question, what level of SRI do we want in our own pension funds, which for many are their only contact with the equities market? Can we afford the ‘luxury’ of meeting minimum ethical standards when we face an upcoming pensions crisis, or should the primary concern be yield at any cost to prevent the next generation living in poverty? Moreover, as stewards of what is effectively large sums of public money (although not in the literal sense) do the largest pension schemes have an implicit duty to bring about positive change?

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Finance Network Elections

December 04, 2013

e Young Fabians Finance Network met at their AGM on Tuesday led by outgoing Chair Lorna Russell. Three office holders were elected in 2014:

Chair: Sophie Robson
Vice-Chair: Sophia Morrell
Secretary: Bramen Singnayagam

Thank you to everyone who participated in our programme this year. For more information on getting involved please contact us at [email protected].

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