Ethical Sponsorship Policy


Ethical Sponsorship Policy

Approved July 2020


The Young Fabians are the under-31 section of Britain's oldest political think tank, the Fabian Society. We are a voluntary body led by an elected executive committee.

Our membership encompasses the broad church of the Labour Movement, we take no formal positions and value our commitment to working with all strands of Labour thought.

As a democratic socialist organisation, our members shape what we do. We have a proud past but work tirelessly to provide ideas for the present and the future.



We believe that working with external organisations enhances our ability to generate fresh thinking and shape the future of the left. 

However it is vital that we maintain our independence and do not allow external partners to exert undue influence over the organisation or bring the name of The Young Fabians into disrepute.

This policy has been devised to ensure clarity and openness in how we work with external partners. 



The Young Fabians will not partner with companies involved in:

  • Tobacco Manufacture
  • Fossil Fuel Extraction and Processing
  • Weapons Manufacture

Partnerships with companies involved in any of the following activities will be avoided as far as possible:


  • Organisations which are engaged in institutional or systemic discrimination against individuals on the basis of gender, race or ethnic identity, disability, sexuality, or age
  • Organisations that do not promote safe working conditions, fair pay, recognise trade union membership or that employ unethical tax avoidance practices
  • Organisations that have not shown demonstrable commitment to their transition to carbon neutral operations and supply chains



The Young Fabians will not accept more than ten per cent of total income per annum from one corporate partner so as not to compromise our independence and integrity. 

All sponsorship agreements must be approved by the Young Fabians National Executive by a majority vote.  

Agreements with partners must permit The Young Fabians to withdraw from any partnership where new developments mean that areas of this ethical sponsorship policy become breached. This will be done on a case by case basis in collaboration with the Executive and Young Fabian group and/or network which has secured the sponsorship. 



The Young Fabains will communicate its commitment to this policy to the organisation's stakeholders.

A full list of corporate sponsors will be maintained on our website.

A copy of this policy will be displayed on our website within 3 months of its adoption.