Young Labour AGM Consultation

The decision about how to use the Young Fabian vote at Young Labour AGM is too important to be taken behind closed doors.

As a national affiliate of Young Labour, the Young Fabians are entitled to cast a vote at the upcoming Young Labour AGM on behalf of our 2000+ members. This is in addition to the votes of individual delegates who are also attending.

These are important democratic decisions that should not be taken behind closed doors. We believe that the Young Fabian vote should be informed by the views of its members.

We are therefore carrying out a consultative ballot on who - if anyone - the Young Fabians should vote to the positions of:

  • Young Labour Chair
  • National Executive Committee (NEC) Youth Rep.

This ballot will be used to advise the Executive Committee on how it should vote on your behalf.

Our constitution does not provide an omov mechanism for members outside of Executive Committee elections. Because of this. the final decision will formally remain with the Chair in consultation with the Executive Commitee, with their decision informed by the ballot result.

This ballot will close on Thursday 25th of February - your responses are anonymous.

Please do check your email inbox for your personalised link to vote. If you are a YF member and have not received an email, contact