YF Global Britain Inquiry Submission

The Young Fabians have made their first written submission to a parliamentary inquiry.

In February, we published the Young Fabians' Global-Ready Britain: Taking Stock As We Go It Alone report. Staying true to our objective to both develop policy and attempt to exert influence over external stakeholders and parliamentary processes, we have made our first written submission to a parliamentary inquiry. The House of Commons Foreign Affair's Select Committee's Inquiry into Global Britain, which closed recently, has accepted our evidence taken from the Global Ready Report.

As we strengthen our processes for increasing impact and improving influence through our ideas, we have been busy writing up the policies that will support our members in generating and contributing to policy development. Take a look at the pamphlet submission process document to guide you in making a pamphlet submission to the Executive.

Thank you to all those who contributed to the Global Ready Report - we are delighted to have highlighted the ideas and discussion points of our members to the inquiry. We will keep you posted on the outcomes of the inquiry.

Ria Bernard, Chair

Deeba Syed, Parliamentary Liaison

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