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YF on Radio 4

May 28, 2014

Today aired the first a new series on Radio 4 to discuss and debate institutions that affect British life. In this episode focused on Trade Unions, Stephanie Akomeah our Under 20's officer was invited to join the discussions on trade union's appeal to young people in the 21st century. 

You can listen to the episiode again on the BBC website.

Health Network on NHS reforms

May 06, 2014
Contact: Lorna Russell

On Tuesday, May 6 the Health Network led a panel discussion in Parliament to find an answer to the question ‘how can Labour reform the NHS without another top-down reform?’


Debbie Abrahams MP, Parliamentary Private Secretary to Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham MP, spoke for Labour, whilst NHS campaigner Jos Bell spoke on behalf of the London Socialist Health Association. The event was chaired by the Health Network Chair, Amrita Rose.

Local Government Network

May 03, 2014

Are you involved in Local Government? The Young Fabians are building a new community to bring together young individuals active and working in Local Government - whether they are officers, councillors, candidates or involved other ways.

We are very interested in all our members who are in Local Government becoming part of this network and would like to invite you to express your interest by filling out the form here.

Our networks provide platforms and social opportunities for Fabian members from specific industry and professional sectors.

Our Local Government Network is led by Hetty Wood, our Local Government and Regional Officer.

Internationalism Project Launch

May 01, 2014

On Wednesday we hosted the launch of the YF's Ideas Series project on Internationalism with Lord Jack McConnell. We covered a wide range of issues from what internationalism actually means in the 21st century to specific issues like Britain in Europe, UN Reform and how to make the case for aid an development.  

But above all we agreed that the debate must go on... 

Now we want to hear from you. We've put together a handy guide to running an event in your area. We want as many members as possible to get involved as possible. If you would like more information or advice, please contact Jessica Toale.

Please don't forget to join our Facebook group for updates, event write-ups and ongoing discussion.

For more information, check out the programme portal.

YF Closes Royal Society of Medicine Conference

April 26, 2014
Contact: Ade Adeyemi

Young Fabian Adebusuyi Adeyemi was a guest speaker at the Royal Society of Medicine over the weekend, closing the first day of a two-day forum. 

With a few exceptions, students of all health disciplines have little, if any, training in leadership, service improvement and multi-professional excellence. Yet from the moment they graduate, they require a range of such competencies, which become more important as they progress. Ade spoke about how this could be best achieved.

He argued that the ability to work across boundaries and achieve excellent patient care across disciplines has become ever more important. Future models of healthcare leadership will involve multiple actors who take up leadership roles both formally and informally, and importantly share leadership by working collaboratively. This collaborative leadership takes the form of new practices and innovations, with patients as well as staff members. As a result, leadership needs to be understood in terms of personal behavioural style or competences, rather than just leadership practices and organisational interventions. 

Ade will support the students and the Royal Society of Medicine in this important body of work

YF Review Morning News

April 26, 2014

Young Fabian Treasurer Martin Edobor was a breakfast guest this morning on Arise TV. Martin took part in a discussion on recent news including the ongoing situation in Eastern Ukraine, the debate around e-cigarettes, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and UKIP. 

First YF Google Hangout (St George's Day)

April 23, 2014
Contact: Ade Adeyemi

On St George's Day, the Young Fabians were proud to host its first Google Hangout, asking the question "What is the future of the English identity?"

The think tank British Future believes the English are "too nervous" to celebrate St George's Day, after a poll found they were more likely to be able to correctly name the date of the US Independence Day and St Patrick’s Day than they are their own national saint’s day.

The poll found that people in England are twice as likely to say they are more English than British than the other way round. Forty per cent said they were more English than British, while only 17 per cent feel more British than English. Just over a third (37 per cent) felt equally English and British.

In the context of the Scottish referendum, there is a space/need to explore the English identity and whether it has future in modern Britain? The Young Fabians are proud to pioneer new technologies like Google Hangouts as a way of increasing engagement with members outside of London. Look out for similar events in the future as we hope to share more of our experiences across different media platforms and offer more ways to get involved.

Head of Partnerships and Events

April 22, 2014

The Fabian Society is recruiting for the senior post of Head of Partnerships and Events (£30,000 – £34,000 pa + 6 weeks’ holiday and 7% pension contribution) to lead the Society’s events and partnerships strategy and deliver an events programme, which includes some of the highest-profile events in British politics.

The Society has a staff team of twelve people, based in our offices in Westminster (near St James’s Park Underground Station and within walking distance of Victoria). The Society is unique among think-tanks in being a thriving, democratically-constituted membership organisation, affiliated to the Labour Party while being organisationally, editorially and financially independent. With over 300 Fabian MPs, MEPs, Peers, MSPs and AMs among our national membership of over 6,500, the Society plays an unparalleled role in linking vigorous grassroots debate with the ability to influence policy debates at the highest level.

The role of the Head of Partnerships and Events is to coordinate and build the society’s relationships with funders and partners; and successfully lead and deliver an events programme which maximises the Society’s political and policy influence and public profile and contributes to the Society’s income.

For more information please visit the Fabian Society website.

Hip-Hop Karaoke Social

April 18, 2014
Contact: Ade Adeyemi

The Young Fabians, led by Ade Adeyemi the Membership & Partnerships Officer, had a great time at our Hip Hop Karaoke Social last month. It wasn't a typical karaoke evening and YF members enjoyed getting down and funky to some Hip-Hop classics in a packed and friendly atmosphere. Forget jumping around and playing the air guitar to Bon Jovi's Living On A Prayer, karaoke has now turned the cool up to '11' and the Young Fabians were happy to put down the pen and papers and relax.

The queues outside the venue snaked around the block proving the popularity of what is a very unique and fun event. The YF members who managed to get in had a great time so do keep a look out for our next events, social or otherwise, to get involved!

YF Campaign in Wirral West

April 18, 2014

On the weekend of the Saturday 5th April the Young Fabians participated in the National Campaign Weekend in partnership with Young Labour and Labour Students in support of local and European candidates in the upcoming election. The delegation and subsequent social was led by Campaigns Officer Alvin Carpio and involved Young Fabians from the region and across the country.

Please visit the campaigns website for more information on the programme.

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