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YF Host Swedish Delegation

May 03, 2015
Contact: Alexander Adranghi

As one of the closest elections in recent years enters it's final week, the Young Fabians are delighted to announce that a delegation from the Swedish Social Democratic Youth League (SSU) will be joining us to in the final leg of campaigning in the capital.

They will be out in Bermondsey on Tuesday morning, and then at the G.O.T.V operations in Ilford North followed by Hampstead and Kilburn on Polling Day. They will also be attending the YF/LYL election night party on Thursday night/Friday morning.

Young Fabian members are encouraged to come to join the delegation at any of these campaigns.

If you have any questions about their visit, please contact Young Fabian International Network Secretary, Nathaneal Amos-Sansam at 07958146118, or at

New Year Conference 2015

April 05, 2015
Contact: paulina jakubec

The Young Fabians fringe session entitled ‘Russell Brand’s Revolution: How to tackle youth political disengagement’ couldn't have been more timely. Just the day before, Ed Milliband, the Leader of the Opposition, announced his plans to publish a Young Britain Manifesto. During his announcement speech, Milliband said “There is nothing more pressing at this election than the future of young people” as he set in motion Labour’s month long youth consultation process with 16-35 years olds over the country who will present their generation’s priorities ahead of the publication of Labour’s youth manifesto.   

In his controversial book ‘Revolution’, Russell Brand infamously encouraged people not to vote in order to bring about a collapse of the government, sending a disastrous message to young impressionable voters. The extent of the danger posed by Russell’s poorly thought out advice becomes all the more apparent in light of statistics which show that only half of all 18-24 year olds voted at the last general election, compared to three quarters of those aged over-65. Unsurprisingly, this gap is expected to further widen in this year’s election following the disillusionment of many young voters brought on by Liberal Democrats’ failed promises, high unemployment rates and bleak prospects for the future.

Given this depressing picture, our fringe event, which set out tackle this issue of youth political disengagement, saw a full house. Our fantastic speakers Ross Wynne Jones, Kenny Imafidom, Helen Whitehouse and Ria Bernard spoke with much passion and conviction, providing the audience with many powerful and practical possible solutions.

Kenny Imafidon, the founder of The Kenny Reports spoke about the need to improve diversity in parliament and called for the introduction of online voting. Ria Bernard, the Chair of London Young Labour introduced the idea of compulsory political education at the age of 16 while Ros Wynne Jones, an award-winning journalist, advocated for the return to “sincere politics” and reminded people that if you don’t vote, you don’t count.

Many audience members put forward inspiring proposals during the open mike part of the session, which included ideas like getting politicians to visit schools to teach youth directly about politics. While the fringe emphasised young people’s limited involvement in traditional political avenues such as voting, it overturned the myth that young people are politically apathetic. On the contrary, our discussion proved that young people are more actively engaged in politics in all its forms than ever before thanks to social media, which opened many new doors and channels of expression.

Do you want to contribute your thoughts to this crucial discussion? Visit Labour’s #SHAPEYOURFUTURE campaign to find out how you can contribute to the Young Britain Manifesto.

Make the most of it this unique opportunity to shape your future.

Make your voice count. 

YF North West Express

April 02, 2015
Contact: Alexander Adranghi

On March 28th and 29th, the Young Fabians held a National Campaign Day in the North West region. The organisation set out to support four battleground seats in the General Election for Labour. We were joined on the Saturday by Theresa Griffin MEP, and Labour Students and Co-operative Party Youth on Sunday.

The organisation supported Nick Bent in Warrington South, Julia Tickridge in Weaver Vale, Chris Matheson in the City of Chester and Jeff Smith in Manchester Withington.

Is the UK China-Ready?

February 22, 2015
Contact: Joel Mullan

Young Fabians publish new pamphlet on the future of UK-China relations

On February 19th, Chinese New Year, the Young Fabians published China-Ready: Equipping Britain for an Asian Futurea collection of essays co-edited by Joel Mullan and Adam Tyndall.

With one sixth of the global population and the largest economy in the world by purchasing power parity, the rise of China will inevitably have real impacts on Britain. How we respond to it will shape our national prosperity and the opportunities available to each and every one of us.

China-Ready brings together perspectives from seven Young Fabian members on what the UK can do to position itself to maximise the opportunities that will arise from this shift. It argues that our relationship with China must move beyond the transactional one that has been pursued by the current government and looks to identify some win-wins for both countries.

It calls for greater co-ordination in our relationship with China both across government and with our European partners, and looks at the opportunities available to us in education, energy, international development and trade and investment. It also considers what obligations, if any, we have to Hong Kong.

You can read the pamphlet here.

The China Programme is continuing this year under the auspices of the YF International Network.


Email for further information on how to get involved.


Co-option to the Executive Committee

January 29, 2015
Contact: Alexander Adranghi

The Young Fabians are proud to announce a new opportunity for members. The Executive Committee is looking for more expertise to join us. These co-opted officers will have the opportunity to contribute directly into our plans for this year and help develop our membership community. 

This year is an especially exciting year for the Young Fabians. The Executive Committee is leading on re-focusing our organisation as one truly community-led - with our events and projects created by members for members. 

The role of the Executive Committee is now one of supporting and encouraging members to step forwards to take the lead up and down the country: bringing members together to write policy pamphlets, lead on topical and social events as well as get involved with partner organisations abroad. These opportunities we encourage you to make the most of.

On January 10th, our Leadership Day in London was attended by overwhelming number of members from across the country, with ideas for member-led projects developed and our special-interest networks in FinanceHealthInternational AffairsCommunications Industry and Education beginning the new year in earnest.

The Young Fabians would like members to consider putting their name forward for our Executive co-options, and play a greater part to build and develop our community this year. The ideal candidate will be someone who

  • Wants a flexible position to develop our community in-line with our new focus.
  • Can make a commitment of a monthly meeting in London (alternating weekend and weekday with expenses from out of London covered) and time beyond that to implement our plans for the year and encourage and mentor member-led projects across our community (training provided).
  • Is a member of Young Fabians, with preference to Women, BAME, LGBT and those out of London.
  • Ideally has prior experience contributing or leading projects within the Young Fabians.

To apply please contact the National Chair, Alex Adranghi at with a short personal statement no longer than 300 words on what you could bring to the Executive Committee. Please include the following information.

  • Roughly how much time you are able to volunteer for this role per month.
  • The geographical location you are usually based in.
  • Any specialist skills you may have. Examples: Nationbuilder, Community organising, Web Development, Fundraising, Media Relations.
  • Other voluntary commitments, committees and roles you have.
  • A phone number we can reach you on.

As a reminder, these particular roles are to help support our national strategy and governance, and not for specific projects, event series, or want to set up another initiative for benefit of the membership. If you want to pursue any of these instead, the Executive Committee would like to help you make it happen at anytime during the year. Do get in touch with us at

The deadline for applications 12:00 on Tuesday 3 February 2015.

YF Host Leadership Day

January 15, 2015
Contact: Alexander Adranghi

Last Saturday the Young Fabians hosted a new kick off event for active members of the community. The Young Fabians Leadership Day aimed to deliver training, networking and an environment to generate ideas for member-led projects this coming year. The event was attended by over fifty Young Fabians  from across the country who attended at the Fabian Society HQ, London.

Sessions were run on event, editorial and research development, along with a dedicated session on campaigns and AGMs for the five Young Fabian Networks. Additional training sessions were put for specific interests and expertise. Members met one another through group workshops that led to generating ideas for projects.

YF Co-options

December 22, 2014
Contact: Alexander Adranghi

The Young Fabian constitution allows the elected Executive to co-opt up to 5 officers to fill skills gaps and take up portfolios for the year ahead.

We had some excellent applications and after a very hard set of decisions the Executive unanimously appointed the following officers:

  • Stephanie Akomeah - Under 20’s Officer
  • Alex Bjarnason - Skills Officer
  • Prasanna Kannan - Fundraising Officer
  • Vicki Dabrowski - Equalities Officer

All three are welcome additions to the Young Fabian Executive and we look forward to you meeting them over the coming year.

Caroline Flint joins the YFs for our Christmas Social

December 21, 2014
Contact: James Hallwood

Our Christmas social and food bank collection was a huge success; with a great turnout, ten big bags of food collected for the local food bank and, of course, the wonderful Caroline Flint.

Caroline spoke about the importance of the Young Fabian contribution to the Labour Movement and met attendees who later took part in a festive Secret Santa raffle and our Chair’s very own version of the 12 Days of Christmas

It was a great opportunity to meet Young Fabians from across the country and pool together to help make the Christmases of local families that bit easier.

YF Xmas Party

December 11, 2014
Contact: Martin Edobor

On Monday, Young Fabian members descended on the Fabian Society Headquarters to celebrate our annual Christmas reception. The evening was merry with the buzz of the holiday season in the air. We were greeted with inspiring speeches from Fabian Society General Secretary, Andrew Harrop, Shadow Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Ivan Lewis and Young Fabian Chair Alex Adranghi. 

Young Fabians collected a record amount of food for our local food bank, helping to both raise awareness and provide assistance in difficult times.

With the general election around the corner, we hope to see many of you out on the campaign trail. 

YF Executive Plan For Year Ahead

December 07, 2014
Contact: Alexander Adranghi

The Young Fabians Executive Committee met for the first time at the annual strategy meeting. Along with training for the new Executive team, the day focused on developing the plans and major objectives for 2014/2015.

This year the organisation is changing how it works with the Executive Committee focusing on community leadership and strategic objectives for the organisation such as members development and financing, while events, editorial and research projects will be developed by and led by active Young Fabian members.

This engagement will begin with the announcement of the Young Fabians Leadership Day on Saturday 10th January 2015. This day is open for all Young Fabians who are interested in leading projects to come along to, learn how to engage with the organisation and will also serve as the Annual General Meetings of the Young Fabian Networks.

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