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Happy Birthday to the Fabian Society

January 04, 2014

On January 4th 1884, one-hundred and thirty years ago in London, history was made. A Christian socialist group called the Fellowship of New Life was divided. Two competing primary objectives were tested, that of socialist spiritualism and another of economic and material affairs.

At this meeting a new group was formed, one that would focus on the latter goals. Named after a Roman general famous for his strategy of attrition, this society set out to “educate, agitate, organise” in the words of a famous early member and irish playwright.

Since that time the group has led the development of socialism in the UK. The NHS, the welfare state and the minimum wage are just some of the achievements set out in the group’s work.

The Young Fabians represent a generation doing what Bernard Shaw said today, and for this new year you should get in touch with me if you want to play a part in shaping that. The executive always have an open door to members and welcome all to run events and write for the group.

Happy new year to you and happy 130th birthday to the Fabian Society.

What is the difference between Young Fabians and Young Labour?


Young Labour is the formal representation of under-27 members of the Labour Party and partakes in a wide range of activity most noticeable supporting Labours campaign work. The Young Fabians consist of under-31s and we focus on fostering debate, ideas and policy.

Our membership is separate to the Labour party, with members from both from the party and beyond.

New Website

The Young Fabians are proud to have partnered with Nationbuilder to delivery a new online platform. The platform will integrated previous distinct systems that the organisation has been using. Along with a new website, it manages the weekly email newsletter and connectivity to social media.

The website is still undergoing development and more features will be added gradually over the next few months.

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Merry Christmas

December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas and all the best for 2014 from the Young Fabian Executive.


December 20, 2013

The Young Fabians delivered ten packed bags of food donated by our members at the Christmas social to Westminster Chapel Food Bank. With donations ranging from staples like rice to little luxuries like chocolate, the food bank was overwhelmed by the generosity of members.

James said “It’s regrettable that in 21st Century Britain we should have food banks, but while the need is there the Young Fabians will continue to support them. I am so proud of, and grateful to, our members for their immense generosity. They will make a lot of families’ Christmases that bit better”.

Finance Network Elections

December 04, 2013

e Young Fabians Finance Network met at their AGM on Tuesday led by outgoing Chair Lorna Russell. Three office holders were elected in 2014:

Chair: Sophie Robson
Vice-Chair: Sophia Morrell
Secretary: Bramen Singnayagam

Thank you to everyone who participated in our programme this year. For more information on getting involved please contact us at

YF presence at Parliament Week

November 23, 2013

Executive members, Louie Woodall, Alexander Adranghi and Katharina Klebba met young people from across the country in Portcullis House for Parliament Week 2013.

Along with other youth organisations, the Young Fabians engaged with future voters and explained the crucial work we do.

YF Wreath laid at the Cenotaph

November 10, 2013

A proposal by James Hallwood to lay a wreath at the Cenotaph on behalf of the Young Fabian Executive was carried out this evening by the 2013/14 Executive. A minute’s silence was held and a wreath was laid with the following words written:

“ In solidarity and eternal gratitude”

New Executive meets and decides roles

November 10, 2013

The new Executive met this evening to discuss strategy for the year ahead and assign portfolios to the non-constitutional officers.


2013/14’s portfolios will be:

  • Chair: James Hallwood
  • Vice Chair: Katharina Klebba
  • Treasurer: Martin Edobor
  • Secretary: Alexander Adranghi
  • Anticipations Editor: Louie Woodall
  • Local Government and Regional Officer: Hetty Wood
  • Research Officer: Felicity Slater
  • Campaigns Officer: Alvin Carpio
  • Membership and Partnership Officer: Adebusuyi Adeyemi
  • International Officer: Joel Mullan
  • External Affairs Officer: Vicki Butler
  • Networks Officer: Lorna Russell

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