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YF Writing Workshop

February 12, 2014
Contact: Alex Bjarnason

The Young Fabians hosted a writing workshop last night with Scarlett Standard blogger and writer Emma Burnell and Left Foot Forward Editor James Bloodworth. Topics discussed included how to pitch an article, find your voice as a writer, deal with criticism and develop your social media profile. We are keen to help Young Fabians get published, and if you would like to write for our quarterly journal Anticipations contact Editor Louie Woodall or if you are interested in blogging, contact our blog Editor Alex Adranghi.

If you want to pitch an article outside of the Young Fabians, you can contact Left Foot Forward Editor James Bloodworth, LabourList Editor Mark Ferguson, Progress Deputy Editor Adam Harrison, Labour Uncut Editor Atul Hatwal, or Left Futures.

YF at YL National Conference

February 12, 2014
Contact: James

Martin Edobor, our Treasurer, will be heading to Young Labour National Youth Conference on 22nd February.

Joined by Young Labour members and other affiliates from across the country, James and Martin will be explaining about the Young Fabians’ work and how members can get involved.

If you’re going to Bradford as well, come and say hello. 

One Nation Ideas Series

February 04, 2014

With fewer than 600 days to go until the next general election, now is the time to flesh out our vision for 2015. This is the last chance to really impact the choices of the next Labour government, and we believe that it is important that Young Fabians make their voices heard.

With this in mind, our research project for 2014 is an ideas series on One Nationism – and we’d like you to get involved.

The project will explore Young Fabian perspectives on the 'isms' that are integral to One Nation Labour. Members can apply to become one of five project chairs, looking at one of the following:

  • Socialism/capitalism
  • Feminism
  • Internationalism
  • Patriotism
  • Environmentalism

Project chairs will lead and coordinate the work of their group, carrying out a variety of research activities to inform the group's thinking. The whole ideas series will feature as a series of chapters in a Young Fabian pamphlet.

We hope lots of members will come forward to take part in the ideas series. It’s a fantastic opportunity to play an active part in the Young Fabians, work with some of Labour’s top thinkers and get your voice heard. 

Members of the Young Fabians must sign in on the website and apply here. Applications close on Tuesday 25 February 2014.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with our Research Officer, Felicity Slater

YF Campaigns Meeting

February 04, 2014

Young Fabians campaigning team led by Alvin Carpio launched last night with a meeting to define this member-driven programme for the year ahead. There was a great turn out with members with a wide range of campaigning background. If you were not able to make the meeting and would like to take part please get in touch with Alvin.

Upcoming: Writing Workshop

February 03, 2014

The Young Fabians will hold a writing workshop with Scarlet Standard blogger Emma Burnell and Left Foot Forward editor James Bloodworth on Monday February 10. This is your opportunity to ask questions about how to write about politics, pitch an article and get published. We'll be encouraging all participants to write for the Young Fabian blog and our journal Anticipations. More info on the event here

Chinese New Year

February 01, 2014

It was the Chinese New Year yesterday, and the Young Fabians kicking off the first in our series of #FabianFriday by having dinner and drinks in London's Chinatown organised by Membership and Partnership Officer Ade Adeyemi. Traditionally, Chinese voters have the lowest turnout for all ethnic groups (Bitish Election Studies, 2005). A dinner at a Chinese restaurant won't change that overnight, but it's a step in the direction of a more diverse Fabian society and Labour movement. Hopefully, the low Chinese voter turnout won't stay that way furlong but as we join the Chinese celebrating the year of the horse, we also wish you a year of prosperity and good luck. Kung Hay Fat Choy!

Holocaust Memorial Day

January 27, 2014

Later in the year, the Young Fabians will be hosting a Holocaust survivor to offer testimony from one generation to another of the horrific crimes committed by the Nazis. 69 years since the liberation of Auschwitz, we encourage all of our members to take a moment to reflect on the millions of Jews killed on an industrial scale. We remember also the mass murder of the Romani, disabled, homosexuals and all others the Nazis deemed unworthy of life.

The sheer scale of brutality sometimes makes it hard to remember that each victim was an individual with his or her own story. Today, let's honour their memory and never forget.

Executive member, Alex Bjarnason, remembers Istvan Reiner and other victims in this touching piece.

YF One Nation Workshop With Lord Stewart Wood

January 26, 2014
Contact: James

Amidst the panel discussions and speeches, the Young Fabians were keen to hear what our members thought on a central plank of Labour’s message, One Nation. Chaired by James Hallwood and led by Lord Stewart Wood, a key architect of the One Nation message, the Anatomy-style workshop sought to explore key questions that surrounded this new ideological strand.

After a brief introduction from Lord Wood, our members broke into four groups to explore topics relating to One Nationism:

What is conservative about One Nation?

What is radical about One Nation?

How could we sell One Nation on the doorstep?

What are the weaknesses in One Nation?

Our members came back with some excellent points, from looking at what it means to be a ‘small c’ conservative socialist, to how a radical intervention into the market can be achieved – from how the energy price freeze sums up a key element of One Nationism to concerns about its messaging on immigration.

It was refreshing to have a session so led by members and an antidote to too many panel events. The Young Fabians will be keen to replicate this format so major voices in the Labour movement are not just heard by our members, but also hear what our members have to say. 

The session marked the launch of our One Nationism series where members will have the chance to lead workstreams looking at different aspects of One Nation – for more information on this, and to apply, click here

Better off than our parents? Hope and prosperity for the new generation

January 26, 2014
Contact: James

Our second event at Fabian New Year Conference was a discussion on the challenges facing our generation. Joined by Liam Byrne MP, Laurie Penny, Paris Lees, and Lord Stewart Wood, James Hallwood chaired a packed room with a range of views. 

With such a big topic and a large audience, time was always going to be too short to do justice to the questions that those in the Labour movement must ask in this area. But with messages of hope from Liam Byrne and Lord Wood, challenges from Laurie Penny, and a non-politico view from Paris Lees, the event at least touched on some critical issues. 

A full recording of the event is available to listen to here. The introduction is from James Hallwood who is followed by Liam Byrne MP, Paris Lees, Lord Stewart Wood and Laurie Penny.

FS New Years Conference 2014

January 25, 2014

The Young Fabians are pleased to taking part with two events at today's Fabian New Year Conference.

One Nation workshop with Lord Wood

Our lunchtime fringe with Lord Stewart Wood launches our flagship One Nationism Ideas Series – a project that will incorporate a member-led pamphlet that explores what One Nationism is using the popular event format from the Anatomy series.

Our Chair, James Hallwood, leads the workshop with Lord Wood to explore questions around One Nation: from what is conservative and radical about it, to how we sell it on the doorstep and what its weaknesses are.

Members were in the driving seat as they explore these questions with assistance from Executive members and Lord Wood.

Better off than our parents? Hope and prosperity for the new generation

James Hallwood chaired a Young Fabian session on the problems affecting the younger generation. Joined by Liam Byrne MP, Laurie Penny and Lord Stewart Wood – discussion will look at what Labour can do to deliver for young people.

Along with the Young Fabian sessions, a whole host of speakers from the Labour movement, including a keynote from Ed Balls MP, discussed with our members how Labour can change Britain.

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