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Women In Finance

The Young Fabians Finance Network, in partnership with Labour in the City and  supported by the Institute of Chartered Accountants for England and Wales  (ICAEW), has launched a new report exploring policy solutions to the barriers  women face to equal representation in the City.


The report was launched by Seema Malhotra MP, Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, and Sharron Gunn,  Executive Director, ICAEW, at a reception in the City on March 2nd. 


Key recommendations in the report include: 


  • Greater focus on mentoring and sponsorship
  • Cultural change to encourage Shared Parental Leave 
  • Detailed company reporting of gender pay gaps 
  • Establishing the business case for diversity 
  • School-based programmes to educate young girls about City careers 
  • Embracing flexible working with new technology


Sophia Morrell, Vice-Chair of the Young Fabians Finance Network and editor of the report.


You can download the pamphlet here.

Denis Healey Interview

Anticipations interview with Denis Healey - 1996

By Tom Happold and Zoe Conway

Read it here

Future of the Labour Party

The Young Fabians have produced a pamphlet which shares the ideas and views of the Young Fabians membership through about where the Labour Party must go in the lead up to the 2020 General Election and beyond.

The pamphlet is the culmination of a listening campaign that included a survey and an series of events which involved hundreds of members throughout the summer.
The questions we answered include:
  1. What must the Labour Party do to win the General Election in 2020?
  2. What type of leader does Labour need to win the General Election in 2020?
  3. What must activists and organisers do to win the General Election in 2020?

Download the pamphlet here

Closing The Gap

This pamphlet explores how the Labour Party can remould our healthcare system to ensure it is fit to face the challenges of this new century. The future of the NHS is uncertain, with an aging population and ever decreasing resources we must re-imagine the way we organise, fund and deliver healthcare.

Our authors take a deep look at how the NHS can continue to deliver a world-class, comprehensive healthcare service free at the point of use, proposing new and dynamic policy proposals. Authors take a deep look at how the NHS can continue to deliver a world-class, comprehensive healthcare service free at the point of use, proposing new and dynamic policy proposals. 

Edited by Sophie Keenlyside and Martin Edobor


To download Young Fabians 65 Closing the Gap please click here

Fifteen for 2015

Published April 2015

Edited by Louie Woodall

Foreword by Iain McNicol

With chapters by Joe Jervis, Ollie MacArthur, Rishi Patel


Labour has an incredibly diverse and talented roster of candidates for May 2015. The most women up for election in winnable seats of any party. Thirty-five openly gay candidates. And nine BAME candidates fighting in key marginals, versus five for the Tories. Each of Labour’s 631 candidates have their own stories to tell.

The Young Fabians chose to focus on just some of these stories by profiling fifteen candidates in a brand-new digital pamphlet: Fifteen for 2015.


Published February 2015

Edited by Joel Mullan and Adam Tyndall

Foreword by Rt. Hon Liam Byrne MP

With chapters by Joel Mullan, Rob Elsworth, Gary Topp, Adam Tyndall, Florence Rountree, Jessica Toale, Joseph Dobbs

One Nation

Labour stands at a crossroads. In just eight months, the party will go to the polls it is the favourite to win. For the first time in decades, the central question of what the party is for is in flux. In a series of linked essays, Young Fabians explore the central concept of “One Nation” through the prism of the “isms” that have defined the Labour movement, in order to further illuminate and expand upon Ed Miliband’s project.

Following an open application process, we appointed a project chair and vice-chair for each of the five ‘isms’. Over the course of six months, between them they held 17 events across the country – from Manchester to London to Birmingham to Cardiff, in addition to various meetings with members to further debate and flesh out the ideas presented in the following chapters.

Edited By: Felicity Slater, James Hallwood, Alex Adranghi and Ade Adeyemi

Volume 10, Issue 4

Volume 10, Issue 3

Volume 10, Issue 2

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