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YF members participate in FEPS YAN

June 26, 2015
Contact: Alexander Adranghi

Three Young Fabian members participated in the recent seminar of the Foundation of European Progressive Studies Young Academics Network on Friday 26th June. The network formed in 2009 brings 50 young academics across Europe who form working groups to produce published work. Young Fabians Dee Goddard (Gender), Rich Penny (Labour Markets) and Alex Adranghi (Labour Market) are participating in the current cycle of the programme.

The network was joined by MEPs Prof. Marju Lauristin, Brando Benefei and Victor Negrescu.

FEPS General Meeting

June 24, 2015
Contact: Alexander Adranghi

On Tuesday June 23, Young Fabian Chair Alex Adranghi represented Fabian Society at the General Meeting of the Foundation for European Progressive Studies held in Brussels. The meeting, consisting of representatives of each organisation belonging to FEPS conducted general business of the group as well as confirming new members. The UK organisations, the Fabian Society, IPPR and Policy Network were joined by Mutuo, a thinktank aligned with the Co-operative Party.

YF International Network Brussels Delegation

June 20, 2015
Contact: Alexander Adranghi

The Young Fabians International Network is leading a delegation to the annual conference of the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) in Brussels. The delegation led by Rebecca Carpenter will represent the Young Fabians at the Call to Europe V conference, a two day conference on European integration in particular around Islam. The delegation will visit European institutions, meet leaders from across Europe as well as embrace the cultural offerings of Brussels. The visit will last between the 23rd and 27th June.

In addition, the FEPS conference will gather members of the Young Academics Network that include members of the Fabian Society and Young Fabians, where they will be debating and analysis the research produced during year-long research projects. YAN members present include the Young Fabian Chair, Alex Adranghi.

What is the path to renewal?

June 19, 2015
Contact: Alexander Adranghi

On June 18th the Young Fabians hosted a roundtable discussion on the renewal of the Labour party and the left following the General Election. The roundtable included veteran Labour MP Diane Abbott, Wes Streeting of the 2015 cohort, former PPC Sarah Sackman and Vice-Chair Ade Adeyemi. The event was devised and chaired by Jun bo Chan of the Young Fabians Education Network.

YF at Fabian Society Conference

June 18, 2015
Contact: Martin Edobor

The Young Fabians hosted a lunchtime fringe event titled 'What does a Conservative victory mean for Young Britain', at the Fabian Society Summer conference on the 6th of June.

The event examined what a majority conservative government may mean for young people. Speakers included  Angus Hanton (co-founder, Intergenerational Foundation), Binita Mehta (Conservative group leader, Watford council) and Suzy Stride(former parliamentary candidate, Harlow). The event was chaired by our Vice-Chair Martin Edobor. The discussion was very lively with members adding to the debate, with a range of questions from the floor.

Look out for upcoming events and projects in our weekly newsletter and website. If you want to find out more information about the Young Fabians or have an idea for an event or project, please contact

Future of the Labour Party

In the weeks following Labour’s General Election defeat, there has been a plethora of analysis of what went wrong. The Party has embarked upon a number of soul-searching activities, including the inquiry led by Margaret Beckett and Jon Cruddas’s unofficial investigation. As the conversation turns to what the Party needs to do to win back voters and win in 2020, it is important for the Young Fabians to contribute their unique perspective on what the key issues and actions should be – we need a view of the Future of the Labour Party by the future of the Labour Party (i.e. you!).

To achieve this, the Young Fabians are producing a pamphlet which seeks to harness the ideas and views of the Young Fabians membership through a series of activities and put forward ideas about where the Labour Party must go in the lead up to the 2020 General Election and beyond. This series of activities will include: 
  • An online survey - available here
  • An interactive listening event in late-July
  • The production of a Young Fabians Pamphlet on 'The Future of the Labour Party'
  • A launch at Conference with a further opportunity to share your views
The first step in this process is your contribution to the survey and the listening campaign, which will feed directly into the pamphlet. You can find the online survey here:
The questions include:
  1. What must the Labour Party do to win the General Election in 2020?
  2. What type of leader does Labour need to win the General Election in 2020?
  3. What must activists and organisers do to win the General Election in 2020?
  4. Any other thoughts
We look forward to hearing from you on this very important topic! 
Thank you for participating in this listening campaign.

Young Fabians China Delegation

This year the Young Fabians is organising delegation of members to Beijing for a week-long programme exploring common challenges facing the UK and China. The delegation will be hosted under the auspices of the Young Fabians International Network and is open to all members. 

On Wednesday 20th May, the YF's hosted an introductory session with all the information about the objectives, itinerary and logistics of the trip. Owen Tudor from the TUC also provided some background information on the historic relationship between the Fabians and China and some insights into his trip with the Young Fabians in the 80s.  

If you weren't able to attend the intro session, you can still attend the delegation! An information document is available to download here and deadline for confirming your attendance on the delegation is Sunday 28th June 2015. 

The delegation will take place 12th-16th October 2015. 

Please contact Jessica Toale for any more information

Big names mark YF Finance Network anniversary

May 05, 2015
Contact: Joe Jervis

On Thursday 26 March, the Young Fabians Finance Network marked its five year anniversary with an anatomy session on social finance.

In the network's first event of 2015, Shadow Infrastructure Minister Lord Adonis joined Big Society Capital's Aine Kelly and Will Martindale - Head of UN-backed Principles for Responsible Investment, with each speaking on different aspects of social investment. Martindale spoke on ways to embed more sustainability into the financial sector, Kelly spoke on Big Society Capital's role in funding social projects and Adonis reflected on how businesses have successfully partnered with the public and third sectors to deliver social value.

The group then broke into three anatomy sessions, with each speaker debating their topic area with a section of the audience. The event was hosted by law firm Simmons and Simmons and was the first in a series of discussions to look at a range of contemporary political topics and the role that finance can play.

Commenting on the event, Labour Peer Lord Adonis said:

"I welcome this new series of policy discussions on the role of finance in society. The private sector has an important role to play in supporting social initiatives and it is commendable that members of the Young Fabians Finance Network are actively engaging in these debates."

Joshua Price, Chair of the Young Fabians Finance Network said:

"Social investment can play an enormous role in creating a more sustainable, diverse and vibrant economy and a fairer society. I’m delighted that the Young Fabians are leading the way by giving under 31s a voice in this debate and I encourage any socially-minded young person with an interest in finance to join our network.”

Join the Young Fabians today and get access to all the latest Finance Network events. You can also visit our events page here.

Fifteen for 2015 Pamphlet Launch

May 05, 2015
Contact: Louie Woodall

Today the Young Fabians launch the digital pamphlet, Fifteen for 2015, profiling members of Labour's next generation.

Inside the pamphlet you can read detailed interviews with fifteen Labour Prospective Parliamentary Candidates (PPCs) and delve into personalised fact files to discover more about those who seek your vote on May 7.

Each day from April 21 to May 6, one interview will feature on the Anticipations blog as a standalone article allowing members to get up close and personal with some of Labour's future stars.

This editorial project was developed by a group of Young Fabians members and commissioned by the Executive Committee in January 2014.

The editors would like to thank Iain McNicol, General Secretary of the Labour Party, for writing the foreword, as well as contributors Joe Jervis, Ollie MacArthur, and Rishi Patel.

The editors also extend their thanks to each of the fifteen candidates who took part, and wish them all the best of luck on election day.

You can read the pamphlet here.

The Young Fabians Fifteen for 2015:

  1. Amina Lone- Morecambe and Lunesdale
  2. Jo Stevens- Cardiff Central 
  3. James Frith- Bury North
  4. Steve Race- East Devon 
  5. Amanjit Jhund- East Dunbartonshire 
  6. Rowenna Davis- Southampton Itchen
  7. Emily Brothers- Sutton and Cheam
  8. Veronica King- Elmet and Rothwell 
  9. Rupa Huq- Ealing Central and Acton
  10. Ollie Middleton- Bath 
  11. Will Martingdale- Battersea
  12. Lisa Forbes- Peterborough 
  13. Wes Streeting- Ilford North
  14. Jess Asato- Norwich North 
  15. Melanie Onn- Great Grimsby 


Young Fabians Campaigning

May 05, 2015
Contact: Joe Jervis

YF Marathon

On 18 and 19 April we turned up in large numbers in four London target seats to support four brilliant Labour candidates across the capital. Over the weekend we supported Catherine West, Neil Coyle, Ruth Cadbury and Dawn Butler.

Essex and the North West

The London Marathon followed a number of other campaign days as we work hard to secure a Labour victory. In February we headed to Harlow in Essex to support the excellent Suzy Stride to support her bid to unseat Robert Halfon.

In March we headed to the North West to campaign with four great key Labour candidates. On the Saturday we supported Nick Bent in Warrington South, Julia Tickridge in Weaver Vale and finished off with Chris Matheson in City of Chester and were delighted to be joined by Teresa Griffin MEP.

The following day we were were joined by Labour Students and Co-operative Youth to back Jeff Smith in Manchester Withington.


But perhaps the biggest of the lot was the bid to kick Nick Clegg out of Sheffield Hallam. On 7 March Young Fabians joined forces with Labour Students and local activists to support Oliver Coppard’s campaign drive and, with Lord Ashcroft’s latest polls showing Labour ahead in Clegg’s constituency, #KickNickOut could yet prove to be one of the defining moments of the 2015 election.

This significant level of youth support reflected Clegg’s infamous broken promise on tuition fees and his support for a Conservative-led coalition that scraped EMA and introduced the bedroom tax. It also reflects Coppard’s dedicated work on behalf of local young people, including his petition for local estate agents to scrap letting fees.

Oliver Coppard, Labour candidate for Sheffield Hallam, was in confident mood. Ahead of the campaigning day he said:

"I'm really pleased that the Young Fabians are coming up to Sheffield to support us, and that we're getting such significant support from young people from across the country. Young people and students have been let down more than perhaps any other group by this government. It's not only the scrapping of EMA, the spiralling cost of housing or the huge number of young people who are unemployed, it's the wider sense that this government is ignoring the needs of young people.

“Nick Clegg's decision to treble fees has been fundamental to the loss of faith in politicians of all stripes. That's why I'm putting young people at the heart of our campaign and why I'm so committed to working on behalf of the 12,000 students who live in Hallam if I'm elected in May."


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