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"Is Socialism Back?" - YF speak at Birmingham Regional Conference

March 09, 2014
Contact: James Hallwood

Joining a panel chaired by Ivana Bartoletti (FWN and Labour MEP candidate) and alongside Patrick Diamond, James Hallwood and Sophie Robson, Chair of the Young Fabians and Finance Network respectively, discussed whether socialism was back.

With an engaged audience and a range of opinions the regional conference was a great success. The session on socialism looked at issues ranging from what it actually means to the new economy and particularly how One Nation fits into Labour's tradition.

A recording of the session can be listened to here. 

Question Time Panel in Leicester

March 07, 2014
Contact: James Hallwood

James Hallwood joined a panel that included a Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner and a Liberal Democrat MEP to face questions from an audience of students, parents and teachers in Leicester.

Questions ranged from the crisis in Crimea to immigration as well as addressing concerns over tuition fees and housing. James’ favourite moment was when someone at the end approached him to say he was normally a Conservative voter but he’d now be voting Labour….a Fabian gradualist approach to winning over one voter at a time!

One week till launch

March 06, 2014
Contact: Alvin Carpio

It's exactly one week away until the launch of the Young Fabians' Campaigns Programme and we've got some good news:

We will now be joined by the Rt Hon David Lammy MP and Chair of the Fabian Society Jessica Asato.

They will join Kirsty McNeill and Marcus Roberts to explore how we can build a culture of campaigning in the Young Fabians and officially launch our Campaigns Programme.

Make sure to join us next Wednesday, 12 March, 6.30-8pm in the Fabian Society HQ - this event is not to be missed!

(Note: this event will be filmed. Refreshments will also be served.)

If you haven't already done so, please register here.

Twitter hashtag: #YFCampaigns

Harrow Fabians Host YF

February 27, 2014
Contact: James Hallwood

Harrow Fabians hosted Executive members, James Hallwood and Adebusuyi Adeyemi, for a talk on ‘public sector patriotism and the NHS’.

The local Fabian groups are the backbone of the national Fabian Society and James and Ade received a warm welcome, challenging questions and some excellent insights from the local members. 

It was particularly welcome to see Harrow Fabian co-chairs John and June Solomon at the event. John and June have been married for 55 years and first met at a Fabian tea dance in the 1960s. In his 90s, John still has very strong opinions on the Labour Party and James and Ade enjoyed hearing wise words from a man who has spent much of his life in the Fabian Society.

The issue of patriotism and One Nation is being addressed by our Ideas Series. It’s something that Labour is increasingly looking at reclaiming from the Right so it was a pleasure for James and Ade to get to explore the issues surrounding the topic with local members. 

Britain's youth: attitudes towards the EU

February 23, 2014
Contact: Katharina Klebba

On Wednesday 22 January 2014, the Young Fabians organised a panel discussion on the attitudes of young people towards the EU. The event was kindly supported by the European Commission Representation in the UK and hosted at Europe House. The cross party panel featured Oliver Cooper (Chair, Conservative Future), Conor McKenzie (Events Officer, Liberal Youth), Professor Scobie (Chairman, European Economics & Financial Centre), Jack Storry (International Officer, Young Labour) and was chaired by the Young Fabian’s Research Officer Felicity Slater. The topics discussed included whether the EU in its current form was able to deliver for young people, how European youth unemployment could be tackled and what specific initiatives could help to increase the voter turnout of young people at European elections. 

The event was followed by a reception.

The event was kindly supported by the European Commission in the UK.

Finance Network hosts event on SRI

February 20, 2014
Contact: Lorna Russell

On January 28th, the Young Fabian Finance Network played host to a lively panel discussion and floor debate at Portcullis House on socially responsible investment (SRI) and the role it should play in pension scheme allocation of their stakeholder assets.

Vice Chair of the Finance Network, Sophia Morrell, chaired the session of representatives from industry and government:

Dame Anne Begg MP, the Labour MP for Aberdeen South since 1997, who currently chairs the Work and Pensions Select Committee, of which she has been a member since 2001,

David Clarke, Policy Adviser, Share Action, the movement for responsible investing

Will Andrews Tipper, head of sustainable business for the Green Alliance, an influential environmental think tank.

Phineas Glover, Policy Adviser in the Investment Affairs directorate, Association of British Insurers,

Will Pomroy, Lead Policy Adviser on corporate governance at the National Association of Pensions Funds.

The discussion covered multiple aspects of how SRI has evolved in recent years and the appetite for a new generation of stakeholders to take greater interest in the ethical credibility of their pension provisions. For a fuller exploration of the issues raised, click here to read a blog on the debate.

Once again, thanks to all our speakers for attending and contributing their thoughts and insight.

If you are interested in joining the Young Fabian Finance Network or would like to hear more about our events and activities, please email Sophie Robson, Chair, at

Poll Results: Britain in the EU

February 12, 2014
Contact: Alexander Adranghi

In our last poll, 96% of supporters were in favour of the European Union with almost half supporting further integration with the bloc. 

YF at Coast and Country conference

February 12, 2014
Contact: James Hallwood

Our Chair, James Hallwood, is delighted to be speaking at the Labour: Coast and Country conference on 22nd February in Ipswich.

Joining a panel that includes Jack Abbott, PPC for Central Suffolk and Matthew Percy, YMP for Suffolk, James will be speaking on the topic of Rural Youth, Education and Aspiration.

If you are interested in attending, a full agenda and tickets are available here.

YF Writing Workshop

February 12, 2014
Contact: Alex Bjarnason

The Young Fabians hosted a writing workshop last night with Scarlett Standard blogger and writer Emma Burnell and Left Foot Forward Editor James Bloodworth. Topics discussed included how to pitch an article, find your voice as a writer, deal with criticism and develop your social media profile. We are keen to help Young Fabians get published, and if you would like to write for our quarterly journal Anticipations contact Editor Louie Woodall or if you are interested in blogging, contact our blog Editor Alex Adranghi.

If you want to pitch an article outside of the Young Fabians, you can contact Left Foot Forward Editor James Bloodworth, LabourList Editor Mark Ferguson, Progress Deputy Editor Adam Harrison, Labour Uncut Editor Atul Hatwal, or Left Futures.

YF at YL National Conference

February 12, 2014
Contact: James Hallwood

Martin Edobor, our Treasurer, will be heading to Young Labour National Youth Conference on 22nd February.

Joined by Young Labour members and other affiliates from across the country, James and Martin will be explaining about the Young Fabians’ work and how members can get involved.

If you’re going to Bradford as well, come and say hello. 

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