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Women in Finance Pamphlet Launch

March 04, 2016
Contact: Young Fabians Finance Network

The Young Fabians Finance Network, in partnership with Labour in the City and supported by the Institute of Chartered Accountants for England and Wales (ICAEW), has launched a new report exploring policy solutions to the barriers women face to equal representation in the City.The report was launched at a reception in the City on March 2nd, at which Seema Malhotra MP, Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, and Sharron Gunn, Executive Director, ICAEW, who both contributed to the report, were guest speakers. 


“Women in Finance – Is Parity a Pipe Dream?” includes contributions from the CBI, Social Market Foundation, the Women’s Business Council, ShareAction, Mentore Consulting, and The Finance Innovation Lab. Key recommendations in the report include: 



  • Greater focus on mentoring and sponsorship
  • Cultural change to encourage Shared Parental Leave
  • Detailed company reporting of gender pay gaps
  • Establishing the business case for diversity
  • School-based programmes to educate young girls about City careers
  • Embracing flexible working with new technology



Sophia Morrell, vice chair of the Young Fabians Finance Network and editor of the report, said: 


“In recent months, there has been significant momentum on this issue which is hugely encouraging, particularly with the targeted inquiries of the Women and Equalities Committee, improvements in board representation and the imminent publication of the Gadhia Review. However, there is still considerable work to be done to create a chance of parity for the generation of women entering the industry today. 


“We wanted to contribute actionable policy ideas to the discussion from a range of voices, to help policymakers and the industry consider the critical next steps we can all take to bring about change. Financial services are the wheels and cogs of how capital allocation decisions are made in the UK, so the exclusion of women from senior management in the City has serious consequences for the economy and society.”


The report forms part of the new “Women in Leadership” series launched by the  Young Fabians to coincide with International Women’s Day – more information is available here.

Stephen Kinnock speaks to the Young Fabians

February 02, 2016
Contact: Young Fabians

On Monday 1st February Stephen Kinnock spoke to the Young Fabians, setting out his vision of building a new nation. In his speech, he argued that the Labour Party must first understand why it lost the election, and from this lesson build an economic narrative that is credible and reforming.

Kinnock also called for Labour to be the party of manufacturing, highlighting that the "dramatic decline of our manufacturing sector is the root cause of the structural weaknesses in the British economy".  Arguing that manufacturing provides a more even distribution of high-quality, high-pay jobs than our service sector.

On the difficult issue of constitutional reform, Kinnock was bold and direct, stating that "Labour must be the party of radical constitutional reform. With an agenda to decentralise and gives the regions of England representation, fiscal powers and obligations comparable to those of the devolved nations."

Reflecting on his pride of being Welsh, British and European, Kinnock put forward a challenge for the Labour Party to become the party of patriotism. "Labour’s progressive patriotism can re-invigorate our British identity, and from that base enable our country to stand tall in the world, as an actively and constructively engaged partner in the NATO, the UN, and in Europe."

Following his speech, Kinnock entered into conversation with Martin Edobor, Young Fabians Chair. After which he took part in a robust question and answer session with attendees.

The Young Fabians have been intellectually inspired by the vision set out by Stephen Kinnock in his pamphlet A New Nation and we highly recommend you read it. 


Fabian Society are recruiting a Media and Communications Manager

January 26, 2016
Contact: Martin Edobor

The Fabian Society have an exciting opportunity, as they are recruiting media and communications manager. Further information about the post is below: 


Salary: £22,500 – £27,500 (plus 7% pension contribution)

Duration: Permanent

Hours: Mon – Fri, 10am – 6pm


About the Post


The Fabian Society is seeking a Media and Communications Manager to co-ordinate our communications strategy, promote the society and our activities in the media and develop our digital content. Reporting to the Editorial Director, and working across the whole organisation, the role will have particular responsibility for: planning and co-ordinating future communications; developing and executing media strategies to raise the profile of the Society and our projects; editing the Society’s website, blog, digital bulletins and social media outputs; and leading the production of digital graphics and online reports.


Principal duties


Media and Communications Manager

To plan, co-ordinate and execute media strategies to raise the profile of the Society and deliver influence and impact for our projects.

To develop the organisation’s media relations, including building relationships with key media contacts and supporting and co-ordinating colleagues to do the same; writing and issuing press releases; maintaining accurate information on key media contacts, and being the first port of call for all inbound media inquiries.


To oversee and produce regular media monitoring updates for the Society.


To have lead editorial responsibility for the Fabian Society’s digital presence, including website, blog, social media platforms, digital graphics, e-bulletins for Fabian members and stakeholders; commissioning content from external authors, Fabian members and staff.


To work with colleagues on the future development of the society’s digital communications, in particular our website and e-bulletins


To ensure the timely publication of Fabian online research reports. Editing copy, liaising with authors, managing the project pipeline [and using InDesign desktop publishing software to design and layout reports - DESIRABLE].


To help to shape an external relations strategy – with particular reference to political and

media audiences – and plan and co-ordinate future communications and external activity across the whole society.


Other Duties

To contribute to the intellectual and organisational development of the Society and to contribute directly to Fabian outputs where appropriate.


To represent the Fabian Society and the editorial team publicly, where appropriate.


To undertake other duties where required by the General Secretary and the Editorial Director.


Person specification


The ideal candidate would:


1. Have a strong knowledge and understanding of politics and current public policy issues, the ability to think creatively about current and future political issues, and experience of working in a similar environment.


2. Have a good awareness of the political media, including key websites, blogs, publications, broadcasters and programmes, and experience of media work.


3. Be able to liaise with key journalists and bloggers, as well as potential writers and contributors,

including leading politicians and public figures.


4. Have a strong understanding of digital communications and evolving trends in website design and social media.


5. Have excellent written English skills and aptitude for editing, copy editing, proof reading, with strong attention to detail.


6. Have experience of the technical elements of website management, including the ability to use content management systems such as Wordpress, and liaise with website developers.


7. Be creative, able to think visually [and ideally have prior experience of hands-on desktop publishing and design software, such as InDesign, Photoshop or Illustrator - DESIRABLE].


8. Have experience of taking responsibility for projects from inception to completion and an ability to plan their own work, including the ability to multi-task effectively across a range of projects and to hit deadlines.


9. Be an effective communicator, able to work well both in a small team and independently.


10. Demonstrate creative awareness of how to reach additional audiences and markets for Fabian publications.


11. Have a high degree of competence in a variety of Windows applications and strong IT skills.


12. Be in sympathy with the aims and values of the Fabian Society.





The salary for this position is £22,500 to £27,500 plus 7% pension contribution and 6 weeks paid leave. We work a 35-hour week with contracted hours from 10.00am to 6.00pm.


The Society has an equal opportunities policy and aspires to be an equal opportunity employer. We strongly encourage applications from people under-represented in politics and at the Fabian Society, including women, disabled people, and people from low-income or ethnic minority backgrounds.


Please note that the Society has the primary right to the professional services of its staff. No outside activities affecting or concerning the Society may be undertaken without the explicit agreement of the General Secretary.


The post is based at the Society’s offices in Westminster, central London. These are non-smoking. 

To Apply

Applicants should email to the address below a CV and a covering letter. The letter must set out: (1) how their skills and experience meet the person specification for the post; (2) why they want to  

work for the society and any other reasons for applying.

Your application should arrive no later than 5pm on Thursday 4th of February 2016

We plan to hold interviews between 15th and 19 February 2016. Please indicate any times you are not available for interview between these dates when you apply.

Please apply by email with the subject line ‘Recruitment: Media and Communications Manager’




For more information, contact Phil Mutero

Tel: 020 7227 4903




Help make Young Fabians less London-centric

It's a fact: the Young Fabians - like the rest of British politics - is dominated by London and by the people who live there.

For years, we've talked and complained about it. But now it's time to change it. If you live outside of London and are interested in running a Young Fabian event, organising a local group or getting more involved generally, let us know here, and we'll ensure you have the support to do it.  Become a volunteer

Channon Zhangazha Education Networks New Chair

January 15, 2016
Contact: Young Fabians

On Wednesday 14th of January, the Young Fabian Education Network held their AGM at Fabian Society HQ. Channon Zhangazha, was elected Chair of the Education Network and will no represent the network on the Young Fabians national executive. Channon has played a crucial role in helping to develop the network over the past year and we wish him all the best in the year ahead. Sophie Keenleyside a former national executive member and Chair of the Young Fabians Health Network was elected Communications officer. Isaac Stanley was elected membership officer.


The Young Fabian executive would like to thank the former Chair and founder of the Education Network, Joel Mullan. Joel has made a huge contribution to the Fabian movement, having shaped the direction of Young Fabians over the past 5 years. He served on the Young Fabian National Executive for four years, where he edited and authored three influential publications, "China-Ready""Bridging The Policy Gap" and "Generation Crisis". We thank Joel for creating such a vibrant, open and inclusive network, and wish him all the best in the future. 


Result of the AGM


Chair - Channon Zhangazha
Communications officer - Sophie Keenleyside
Membership officer - Isaac Stanley

A Dark Winter - Osborne's Spending Review

November 26, 2015
Contact: Benjamin O'Connor

The Spending review and Autumn Statement was announced a month before Christmas. This was very apt as the Robert Choate, the head of the OBR, gave the Chancellor the most generous gift one could imagine: £27 Billion of future spending. This leaves the government within it’s self-imposed (and economically questionable) framework for reaching a long-term stability in the public finances.  

Where did this money come from? The answer is that OBR assumes that the Government’s cost of borrowing will be lower than previously assumed. This leaves this today’s new spending vulnerable to financial market turmoil. Secondly an increase in money coming from taxes throughout this Parliament.

So what did George spend his Christmas money on? Firstly delaying the pain of the cuts to tax credits until universal credit is introduced in late 2018. While we must thank the hard work of campaigners in the Labour movement for this U-turn, we must prepare for this fight again. Universal Credit is likely to disguise the fact that this chancellor is determined to unwind the last Labour government’s work of fighting poverty.

Secondly, he was able to slow the amount of cuts to public services on the front line. The Police budget, an area, which was going to be reduced to level that, was likely to risk public safety was reversed. But this only protected in cash terms, so any rise in inflation may create dangerous challenge for the police.

Finally, investment was made into vitally needed infrastructure in the north of England such as electrifying Trans-Pennine line and London.

It’s worth mentioning that the tampon tax funds will be given to charities supporting the needs of women; welcomed by all but why should an unjust tax fund essential services? Gimmicky politics is still under the tree at HM Treasury this festive season.

However, there were many losers from today as well. Persons with disabilities receiving Employment Support Allowance will now have more conditions imposed and cut in their payments. The conditions include weekly meetings at job centres. The purpose of having more advisor meetings is unknown. Yet the intent is clear, to achieve fiscal aims of this government at the expense of those who need oursupport the most. 

The Labour movement will have to fight to defend needs of millions of ordinary workers but our nation’s direction of travel is clear. The size of state will shrink not only in the size of its resources and like the Grinch in the size of its heart.

Historic Young Fabian AGM

November 23, 2015
Contact: Young Fabians

On the 21st of November, Young Fabian members from around the country gathered at Fabian Society HQ to vote in the new Executive for 2015-2016.


Martin Edobor, Chair

Ria Bernard, Vice-Chair

Unsa Chaurdri, Treasurer

Ben West, Secretary 

Ellie Groves, Editor of Anticipations

Miriam Mirwitch, Partnerships and External Affairs Officer

Bradly Marshall, Policy Officer

Andrea Campos-Vigouroux, Parliamentary liaison Officer

Ade Adeyemi, Young Fabian Exec Member

Amrita Rose, Membership Officer

Babatunde Williams, Social Officer

Kyalo Burt-Fulcher, Regions Officer


During the official business of the AGM a robust debate and discussion was held, chaired by Young Fabian Secretary, Ben West. The AGM voted in favour of a new constitution, with additional amendments which will include

  • 50/50 gender balance on the Young Fabian executive.
  • Networks have been codified within the constitution 

We thank all the Young Fabian members who took part in the AGM on Saturday, this is a new chapter for the Young Fabians and we look forward to what the future holds.

Young Fabians to affiliate to Young European Socialists

November 23, 2015
Contact: Luke John Davies
07713 176 233

The Young Fabians has always been an organisation dedicated to internationalism and to positive engagement with the community of Socialists outside the borders of the United Kingdom.

The Young Fabians International Network has in the almost 12 months since its inauguration on 10th January 2015 been dedicated to making the Young Fabians more connected, more relevant and more involved on the international stage, in particular in cooperation with our sister organisations on the left. Indeed, it was a stated aim when the Young Fabians International Network was being founded to facilitate the organisation to be a more outward facing, internationalist group for the benefit of its members. As part of that the network applied on behalf of the Young Fabians as a whole to be considered as a candidate organisation to affiliate to the Young European Socialists.

On November 21st, 2015, as the Young Fabians were holding their AGM in London, the YES Bureau met in Luxembourg and approved that application. This is a historic moment for the Young Fabians, representing an unrivalled opportunity to engage with the Young European Socialists both to broaden the cooperation between the Young Fabians and its international comrades but also to demonstrate a commitment to internationalism and solidarity, particularly in light of the upcoming UK referendum on EU membership.

Fabian Society are Recruiting a Head of Partnerships and Events

November 17, 2015
Contact: Young Fabians

The Fabian Society

The Fabian Society is a leading left of centre think tank and political society, committed to creating the political ideas and policy debates which can shape the future of progressive politics.

We are recruiting for the senior post of Head of Partnerships and Events, to lead the Society’s events and partnerships strategy and deliver an events programme, which includes some of the highest-profile events in British politics.

The Society has a staff team of 11 people, based in our offices in Westminster (near St James’s Park Underground Station and within walking distance of Victoria). The Society is unique among think-tanks in being a thriving, democratically-constituted membership organisation, affiliated to the Labour Party while being organisationally, editorially and financially independent. With over 300 Fabian MPs, MEPs, Peers, MSPs and AMs among our national membership of over 7,000, the Society plays an unparalleled role in linking vigorous grassroots debate with the ability to influence policy debates at the highest level.

About the Post

The role of the Head of Partnerships and Events is to coordinate and build the society’s relationships with funders and partners; and successfully lead and deliver an events programme which maximises the Society’s political and policy influence and public profile and contributes to the Society’s income.

The Fabian Society’s income includes sponsorship and grants from companies, non-profit organisations and trade unions. We have three teams, each with their own fundraising budget, and this role is responsible for coordinating the development of funding partnerships across them all, including cultivating new contacts and maintaining strong, professional relationships. 

Through our events, we seek to develop new political and public policy ideas and proposals, informing public and policy debate so as to promote progressive change, with leading decision-makers, thinkers and opinion formers addressing key issues from a centre left perspective.

Fabian events range from major public conferences, lectures and pamphlet launches to small-scale expert policy seminars. The Fabian New Year Conference is the highest profile think-tank public conference in the UK, attended by 1,000 people each January, and the Fabian Society has a high-profile presence at the Autumn party conferences. Our events programme also includes seminars which regularly bring together key policymakers, politicians and professionals to discuss detailed policy challenges.

This is a full-time post, managing an events team of one full-time Events Assistant, plus freelancers and volunteers. The Head of Partnerships will have responsibility for the programme and for securing a budget of £160,000 to £200,000 per annum from a wide range of partner organisations, including corporations, trade unions, NGOs, charitable trusts and others.

The job involves playing a key role in planning and delivering the development of partner relations, including internal co-ordination and face-to-face relationship building. It also includes all aspects of the commissioning, planning, delivery and dissemination of a successful think-tank events programme: from contributing to the events strategy and developing ideas and themes for events; building relationships with speakers, funders, participants and others; overseeing the effective delivery of events and managing the work of the staff team; and ensuring we communicate effectively about our events through the media and to other key audiences. The post-holder will also have the opportunity to contribute to the Fabian Society’s broader public and organisational strategy.

The ideal candidate would have experience in a policy/political environment or be able to demonstrate equivalent knowledge; aptitude for building external relationships and securing sponsorship; experience of events delivery and management; strong relevant networks and relationships; experience of managing people and budgets; and a strong understanding of and engagement with the Fabian Society’s objectives and values.

Principal Duties

To lead, manage and deliver a successful Fabian events programme which contributes to the political and policy impact of the Society and ensures Fabian events contribute to the Society’s key relationships, public profile and budget.

To co-ordinate the society’s work in identifying and securing sponsorship for Fabian activity, by building external relationships and developing sponsored packages of activity (involving teams across the society), working with the General Secretary and other managers.

To manage the events team budget, including securing income for events (sponsorship, ticket sales etc) and controlling costs.

To deliver the society’s events programme, and particular events within it, sometimes with the support of assistants, contractors and volunteers.

To take lead responsibility in planning and delivering ‘flagship’ Fabian events, to ensure they meet the society’s aspirations and objectives (eg New Year Conference; Party Conferences fringe programme).

To play a central role in marketing and publicising Fabian events - through the media, marketing databases, digital communications and other dissemination channels – working with the Editorial and Communications manager.

To identify and build relationships with speakers and key participants in Fabian events, and to identify and manage relationships with event venues and with other key suppliers (eg designers, caterers, etc)

To represent the Society publicly where appropriate – for example in chairing and speaking at Fabian and other events - and in particular to play a lead ambassadorial role with key external stakeholders for the events programme (including speakers, funders and other event participants)

To line manage an Events and Office Assistant, providing appropriate direction, support and challenge (including career development support), and also occasionally to manage contractors and volunteers.

To act as a member of the society’s management team, supporting the General Secretary in the overall direction and strategy of the society, and undertaking other cross-organisation tasks or duties as required, where appropriate.



The salary scale for Head of Partnerships and Events is £30,000 to £35,000 pa. The starting salary would dependent on relevant skills and experience. The remuneration package includes a contribution towards a personal pension plan of 7% of gross salary, and 30 days holiday.

We work a 35 hour week with contracted hours from 10am to 6pm – the role involves regular evening and weekend commitments for which time off in lieu is given. Two month's notice of termination of contract is required.

The Society has an equal opportunities policy and aspires to be an equal opportunity employer. We strongly encourage applications from people under-represented in politics and at the Fabian Society, including women, disabled people, and people from a low-income or ethnic minority background.

Please note that the Society has the primary right to the professional services of its staff. No outside activities affecting or concerning the Society may be undertaken without the explicit agreement of the General Secretary.

The post is based in the Society’s offices in , central . These are non-smoking.


To Apply

Applicants should send a copy of their CV and a covering letter setting out

(1) how their skills and experience meet the person specification for the post

(2) their reasons for applying.

Your application should arrive no later than 5pm on 26 November 2015

We plan to hold interviews during the week commencing 30th of November 2015. Please indicate your availability for interview on these dates when you apply.

Please apply by email with the subject line ‘Recruitment: Head of Partnerships and Events’ to:


Beyond Academisation: Do we need more nuance in school improvement?

November 08, 2015
Contact: paulina jakubec

On 28 September 2015, the Young Fabians Education Network hosted a discussion on school improvement – ‘Beyond Academisation’ at the Houses of Parliament.


Organised by Education Network Steering Committee members Jay Allan, Jun Bo (Jumbo) Chan (Secretary) and Channon Zhangazha (Vice Chair), the event sought to raise questions about the ‘one size fits all’ approach to school improvement current championed by the Conservative Government, and to seek alternate ways to ensure the best possible outcomes for students and pupils across the country,


Panellists Ian Mearns MP (Education Select Committee member), Cllr Antoinette Bramble (Children's Services at Hackney Council), Graeme Duncan (CEO of Right to Succeed) and Mari Wiliams (Vice Principal at Ark Elvin Academy) – as well as Key Stages 4 and 5 students from Ark Elvin Academy – fed into the lively member-led debate, which was chaired by Jay Allan.


While the merits of the academies system were constructively explored – with particular focus on innovation and funding – the discussion raised a number of key questions. These included the role of local government in state education; the need for more collaboration between different types of schools; and the problem of a seemingly dispirited and overworked teaching workforce.


For more information about the member-led Young Fabians Education Network, and how you can get involved, please contact Jumbo Chan via

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