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Latest Edition of Anticipations

Contact: Alexander Adranghi
In this edition, Anticipations explores the current housing crisis with Emma Reynolds MP, gets behind-the-scenes of Labour's radical new energy policy with Caroline Flint MP, and quizzes former Young Fabian Chair Seema Malhotra MP on the pamphlet she produced with the 1999/2000 executive committee: 'The Case for Socialism'.
Also in this edition:
  • Katharine Sacks-Jones of housing charity Crisis reports on homelessness in Coalition Britain.
  • Mental health charity Mind explains seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and what the government can do to help those struggling with depression
  • Sam Tarry of the Transport Salaried Staffs' Association explains how his union is taking the fight to the government in the crucial election battleground constituencies
  • PLUS Young Fabian members write about fuel poverty, immigration, and health inequalities 

Young Fabian AGM proposed motions and constitutional amendments

Please find the proposed motions and constitutional amendments to be put the Young Fabian AGM on Saturday 19 November 2016.

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Ellie Groves elected National Chair

On the evening of Sunday 13th of November, the new Young Fabian Executive elected their constitutional officers. Ellie Groves, was elected Young Fabian National Chair unanimously by the new executive.

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Executive Election Results

Young Fabian Elections 2016 are over and results are here!

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Network Applications Open!

The Young Fabian Networks are autonomous special interest groups focused on a particular policy area. The YF Networks initially launched in 2010 with a Finance and Science Network, since then the number of networks has increased. We now have a Finance, Health, Communication, Law, Technology, Education and International Network.

Application forms for new Young Fabian Networks are now open!

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Martin Edobor discusses the EU Refrendum

The National Chair of the Young Fabians, Dr Martin Edobor has stated that the EU referendum result is one of the most consequential moments in British History.

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YFComms Webcast- An Interview With Martin Edobor

Young Fabians Communication Network Secretary, Dan Malloy launches the new Webcast series. The first episodes involves an interview with Young Fabian National Chair, Dr Martin Edobor. They cover topics from the EU referendum to trident, have a listen here! 

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Women in Leadership Training

May 26, 2016
Contact: Ria Bernard

This week the Young Fabians hosted the first of our training workshops as part of our ongoing Women in Leadership series. These workshops are designed to support Young Fabian Women in developing those skills integral to leadership and provide an opportunity to network with each other. It was a fantastic event, with 20 Young Fabian women in attendance, many of whom had not been to an event with us previously.


The interactive workshop was led by former Fabian Women’s Network Vice­Chair & former Oxford County Councillor, Sarah Hutchinson. Over the course of two hours, members had an opportunity to hear advice and practice scenarios to help improve their level of assertiveness in the workplace. Those who attended varied significantly in career background from public affairs and journalism to healthcare and the public sector. Although the majority were keen to develop skills in asserting themselves at meetings, there was also a demand for looking at interview technique and how to present & assert ourselves in CVs.


Furthermore, some members were keen to assert themselves more firmly in their local CLP and other political roles, which followed on from comments at our Young Fabian fringe at Fabian Summer Conference.


Some of the key themes that emerged from this open and frank discussion included the tendency for women to apologise for their viewpoint or difference in opinion; making that crucial differentiation between assertiveness and aggression; and the importance of a bold, self­assured outlook ahead of an important meeting or interview.


Sarah’s combination of invaluable advice, humourous anecdotes, and scenario­based practice made for a refreshing, engaging and inclusive atmosphere that allowed for a vibrant and supportive discussion. We’re very much looking forward to the next workshop in the series, so keep your eyes peeled!


The next event in the Women in Leadership series will be looking at women leading in


on Monday 13th June.


Ria Bernard

Vice­Chair, Young Fabians

YF Discusses Future of Labour Youth Movement

May 24, 2016
Contact: Ria Bernard

Last weekend, the Young Fabians hosted their fringe event at Fabian Summer Conference where panellists discussed the future of the youth movement. The election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour Party Leader is seen by many to hail a new kind of politics with a fresh approach that listens and opens up the debate.

We were keen to explore whether this has been reflected within the youth movement recently, especially considering recent allegations of, and inquiries into, discrimination. Members had the opportunity to hear from some fantastic speakers from a range of organisations both within and affiliated to the Party, including Martin Edobor, Young Fabians Chair; Caroline Hill, Young Labour Chair; and Bex Bailey, former NEC Youth Representative.

Our packed room of young members spoke volumes about the level of engagement within the youth movement. However, it was made clear that we continue to have a long way to go with regards to opening the doors and holding them open when it comes to engaging young people in the party and its affiliated organisations.

Members raised a range of points from the need to bridge the gap between the youth movement and the party in order to deal with the quandary of what happens once members leave the youth movement; to the need to support young people out on the doorstep while also moving away from the perception of young people as campaign fodder.

There was a particular focus on changing the party’s perspective in terms of how it views it’s members, with Bex Bailey arguing the importance of changing the narrative from young people being considered the ‘future’ to young people being seen as participators of the ‘here and now’. Bex spoke at length about the need for further training opportunities, especially for young women. In addition, she highlighted the need to change political culture to make political institutions more accessible to everyone from a range of backgrounds and groups, for instance tackling online abuse and providing bursaries for young members to take part in campaign days.

There was a call from Caroline Hill to end the vicious cycle of non-voting young people de-incentivising politicians from targeting policy at the youth, which ultimately further disengages young people from political systems. Caroline referred to the need to learn from our EU sister parties in terms of the role the youth movement plays within the party structures. She discussed the importance of reviewing Young Labour and its relationship to the broader party as part of the on-going party reform that is being led by Tom Watson MP, citing the potential for a Young Labour block in elections to support young candidates.

Martin Edobor summed up his views on the subject in his triad of ‘power, people and policy’. Martin made a case for the need to tackle structural inequalities through working together, utilising the surge in membership and providing the tools that will ultimately enable the Labour Party to take power.

The vibrant and engaging discussion could have continued with members eager to quiz our panellists on how we increase participation and accessibility to the youth movement. Take a listen to our podcast for the full discussion. We look forward to continuing the debate and of course offering some of the solutions within the movement in the coming months.

You can listen to the event on our Soundcloud here

Martin Edobor to speak at Call to Europe Conference

May 24, 2016
Contact: Young Fabians

National Chair of the Young Fabians, Martin Edobor will be speaking at 2016 Call to Europe Conference, hosted by the Foundation For European Progressive Studies. The conference will be taking place in Brussels from June 17th to June 18th, 2016.

With a European and international focus, Call to Europe VI aims to inform and influence the debate on the perceived lack of political engagement of younger generations worldwide. It will also be the culmination of the second phase of the project as it will be the perfect forum to bring forward concrete policy proposals that will be more coherent with what young people want and for progressives to regain the trust of this generation. 

Call to Europe VI will bring together 100 young experts, young politicians and young participants from across Europe to look at how to make politics about passion, vision, and mission. It will reflect on how to build a programme that represents now and the future, enjoying legitimacy across demographic strata.

Martin Edobor will be speaking at a workshop on "Millennials and Health" alongside Miriam Dalli, Member of the European Parliament for Malta and Sabine Oberhauser, Austria's Minister of Health. He will also be taking part in an additional panel discussing the UK referendum and future of the EU, alongside Caroline Hill, Chair of Young Labour. 

Registration for the conference is open and you can click here to find out more about FEPS millennial dialogue report.





Call to Europe



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