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A vision for a new British century

In the year I was born, a wall signifying the geopolitical divide between two global superpowers collapsed and Margaret Thatcher, the then British Prime minister had cemented a neoliberal consensus that would outlast a generation. That year was 1989 and since then the world has changed beyond recognition, globalisation has brought the world closer together as well as creating huge divisions in wealth and opportunity. Neoliberalism an economic system which was once praised is showing signs of terminal decline.

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Antics - The Chair

On the morning of the 23rd of June I woke up to a new nation, one treading an uncertain path towards an unsure future. I was saddened, heartbroken and disappointed by the news that the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. This is the most consequential decision our nation has made in modern times, sending the financial markets into turmoil and the future of the British union into doubt. This referendum result has exposed deep-seated division across our nation. However, regardless of my own opinion, the British public have spoken and the Government must now carry out the will of the people.

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Martin Edobor discusses the EU Refrendum

The National Chair of the Young Fabians, Dr Martin Edobor has stated that the EU referendum result is one of the most consequential moments in British History.

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Martin Edobor to speak at Call to Europe Conference

May 24, 2016
Contact: Young Fabians

National Chair of the Young Fabians, Martin Edobor will be speaking at 2016 Call to Europe Conference, hosted by the Foundation For European Progressive Studies. The conference will be taking place in Brussels from June 17th to June 18th, 2016.

With a European and international focus, Call to Europe VI aims to inform and influence the debate on the perceived lack of political engagement of younger generations worldwide. It will also be the culmination of the second phase of the project as it will be the perfect forum to bring forward concrete policy proposals that will be more coherent with what young people want and for progressives to regain the trust of this generation. 

Call to Europe VI will bring together 100 young experts, young politicians and young participants from across Europe to look at how to make politics about passion, vision, and mission. It will reflect on how to build a programme that represents now and the future, enjoying legitimacy across demographic strata.

Martin Edobor will be speaking at a workshop on "Millennials and Health" alongside Miriam Dalli, Member of the European Parliament for Malta and Sabine Oberhauser, Austria's Minister of Health. He will also be taking part in an additional panel discussing the UK referendum and future of the EU, alongside Caroline Hill, Chair of Young Labour. 

Registration for the conference is open and you can click here to find out more about FEPS millennial dialogue report.





Call to Europe