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YF Delegates to Sweden

September 03, 2014
Contact: Martin Edobor

The Social Democrats in Sweden are on the verge of a historic victory against the centre-right Alliance for Sweden coalition, the party has been campaigning hard against austerity and the negative politics of the right.

Last month the Young Fabians invited members to apply to join a campaign delegation to Sweden, travelling during their general election weekend 12-14th September. We received a huge amount of interest in the delegation and want to thank all those who applied.  The final delegates have been selected and will be:

  • Amrita Rose
  • Unsa Chaudri
  • Oana Olaru
  • Peter Thorpe
  • Rachel Ward

They will be joined by International Officer, Joel Mullan and Campaign Officer, Alvin Caprio who will be directing our efforts on the ground.  The delegation will be lead by Young Fabian member, Nathaneal Sansam and Treasurer, Martin Edobor.

The Swedish Social Democratic Youth League, the Youth section of the Social Democrats will be hosting us over the course of the weekend.  Following the visit there will be a series of debrief events based on Social Democracy in Europe, in which delegates and Young Fabian members will have the opportunity to discuss their experiences and thoughts on various aspects of European progress politics.


August 23, 2014
Contact: James

Chair James Hallwood has been invited to speak at the International Union of Socialist Youth Festival in Malta as a representative of the Young Fabians.

IUSY Festival brings together socialists from all over the world to meet and discuss key issues facing the broad international movement. James will be speaking on panels about the European Union’s Youth Guarantee and Free Movement in Europe.

The Labour Party will have no formal presence at IUSY Festival this year, so James and the Young Fabians will be representing the British Left at this key event.

Recordings of the sessions and tweets from @youngfabians account will give an idea of what is said.

We hope that this first year of our involvement with IUSY will be the start of a stronger relationship.

Teaching the UK to speak Mandarin

“A lack of language skills in the UK is costing our economy about £48bn. The shortage of Mandarin speakers is part of the problem. I don’t want young British people to get left behind.” –Vince Cable

As China’s economy and influence continue to grow, so too does the importance of Chinese language skills for UK businesses.

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Multilateralism: The path to stability and security in Asia

An Ambassador in Belgrade once said: “There is only one organisation which allows Ambassadors the chance to meet formally once a week, it’s unique; no one other organisation does it.” That organisation spans 57 countries across the globe: The Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) covers over a billion people and is the world’s largest regional security organisation.

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FEPS Young Academic Network

July 14, 2014

On Wednesday the 14th FEPS Young Academic Network conference opened in Vienna, Austria. Young Fabians Secretary, Alexander Adranghi and member Richard Penny participated at the conference.

The five day conference focused on building the network and providing a peer-review on submitted paper abstracts before arranging into working groups based on common research interest. It marks the beginning of a collaborative research process within the working groups that will lead to the published papers. 

The Foundation of European Progressive Studies or FEPS is a publicly-funded pan-European thinktank which consist of a network of member organisations across Europe. It provides independant research for the Party of European Socialists (PES). It establishes an intellectual crossroad between social democracy and the European project, putting fresh thinking at the core of its action. As a platform for ideas , FEPS works in close collaboration with social democratic organisations, and in particular national foundations and thinktanks across Europe, to tackle the challenges that Europe faces today. The Fabian Society is one of the three UK members.

The FEPS Young Academics Network was established in March 2009 with an aim to gather promising progressive PhD candidates and young PhD researchers ready to use their academic experience in a debate about the Next Europe. Realised with the support of Renner Institut, the project has gathered in its course more than 50 members. Their exchanges and interdisciplinary research have resulted in a number of stimulating studies, providing a relevant contribution to the European progressive movement. 


Day 1 Diary of Alex Adranghi

Day 2 Diary of Alex Adranghi

Day 3 Diary of Alex Adranghi

Day 4/5 Diary of Alex Adranghi


Word with the participants - Bartosz

Word with the participants - Neil

Word with the participants - Rich

Word with the participants - Didac

Word with the participants - Elefterios


Special Guest - Brando Belifei MEP

China-nomics Discussion in Parliament

June 23, 2014
Contact: Joel Mullan

On 23 June, the Young Fabian China Programme continued with a panel discussion in parliament on the implications of the growing economic impact of China.

Jonathan Fenby, former Editor of The Observer and  the South China Morning Post opened the event by placing recent developments placed into a historical context. Lise Bertelson, Executive Director of the China-Britain Business Council gave an account of the business perspective, whilst Tim Page, Senior Policy Advisor at the TUC spoke about their recent report The Way of the Dragon. The event was chaired by the Young Fabians International Officer Joel Mullan.

The discussion and subsequent Q+A covered a wide range of issues, including the significance of the recent visit by the Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, the visibility of British business within China, sources of potential growth in trade, and the implications of increasing Chinese assertiveness.

This event is part of a wider programme on the UK-China relationship.

To lay the demons of Iraq to rest Labour must rediscover peaceful internationalism

From the ashes of Al-Qaeda and the Ba’athite party in Iraq a new and more terrifying threat has emerged. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) has already begun the process of annexing Eastern Iraq, executed over 1,000 soldiers and looted over $2 billion. They are now the richest terror cell in the world.

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Foreign policy must adapt to tackle the threat of Boko Haram

Over the weekend, as crowds gathered to watch a village football game, the town of Mubi in Adamawa state Nigeria was rocked by a bomb blast. Witnesses reported around 30 casualties. This attack occurred in one of the three states at the centre of President Goodluck Jonathan's fight against the insurgency group Boko Haram. Questions are being raised about the ability of the Nigerian government to deal with this persistent threat, as it has so far failed to stem the tide of violence.

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Israel and Palestine: steps to a two-state solution

Recent peace talks between Israel and Palestine have come to an abrupt and disappointing end, leaving many supporters of the two-state solution despondent and pessimistic about the future.

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The European Elections: a conversation with Hadleigh Roberts

Hadleigh Roberts is a candidate to the European Parliament for the South West of England and Gibraltar. A graduate from Bath University and possessing an MA in interpreting and translation, Roberts works as a professional translator (French/Spanish to English) with experience in French, Spanish, UK and European Union (EU) politics.

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