Safe Space Policy

The Young Fabians exists to provide an inclusive and open place for us to discuss, develop and debate ideas. At its February 2016 meeting, the YF Executive Committee agreed to adopt the following rules, which apply to all of our events and activities:

  1. YF events will not host all male panels. If there are two speakers, one must be a woman.
  2. Derogatory comments relating to an individual's gender, sexuality, ethnicity, religion, culture, or disability will not be tolerated. YF has a zero tolerance policy with regard to sexual, physical or verbal harassment.
  3. The event chair or any member of the exec present will have the authority to remove any member from an event who breaches the above or causes insult to another on the grounds of discrimination outlined above
  4. Active attempts will be made by all exec members, and especially the event host, to increase gender parity at all YF events
  5. The event chair and exec members present have a responsibility to ensure individuals do not block a member's contribution to discussion or debate through interrupting, silencing, heckling or over-talking them.
  6. Members will be made aware of the complaints procedure and the safe space policy in the interests of transparency. This includes the safe space policy being highlighted at the beginning of events