Martin Edobor discusses the EU Refrendum

The National Chair of the Young Fabians, Dr Martin Edobor has stated that the EU referendum result is one of the most consequential moments in British History.

Writing yesterday for Huffington Post, he argued that Britains decision to leave the EU has exposed deep divisions within our society.

He also explained that the results had consequences for the Labour Party

The Labour Party’s future is now in doubt: 44% of Labour supporters voted to leave, while conversely 94% of Labour MP’s supported remain. As Labour supporters, we must accept that we did not state the progressive, internationalist case convincingly enough to fellow members of the Labour family. Nor did we make the case, that a vote for out wasn’t an objection to austerity and the destruction of public services they rely on. The responsibility for this rests with the Leadership.

Yesterday, Edobor also appeared on France 24, The Debate. Where he highlighted the strong preference for remain among younger voters compared to the older generation, and that this will lead to continued resentment.

Above is a short clip, you can view the full programme here 

The EU referendum has altered the arc of history, and as Fabians we must reflect on the future. On Saturday 2nd of July, Young Fabians members will be gathering for an open day to discuss what leaving the EU will mean for the YF, Labour Party, and most importantly the UK. Martin Edobor will be delivering a short speech on the issue and will lead a workshop. To RSVP for the open day please click here.

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