Executive Election Results

Young Fabian Elections 2016 are over and results are here!

Huge thank you to all candidates and congratulations to those who have been elected. 

Please note the elections were held under the rules of the new Constitution that was agreed at the YF AGM last year and approved by the national Fabian Society Executive Committee. 

"3.2 Gender Parity in the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Young Fabians should have gender parity. The candidate with the highest vote in the elections shall be the first elected to the executive committee. The candidate of the opposite gender with the highest votes shall be second. Positions on the executive committee will then be filled by alternating between genders until twelve (12) are elected, being six (6) of each gender.”


You can find the full constitution here: http://www.youngfabians.org.uk/constitution


The results were:


GROVES               Ellie                       279        Elected

WEST                    Ben                       229        Elected

BERNARD            Ria                        229        Elected

PHIPPS                 Jack                      181        Elected

MIRWITCH          Miriam                 189        Elected

BURT-FULCHER Kyalo                    152        Elected

SYMONDS           Jade                      184        Elected

STAWISKI             Kuba (Jakub)       142        Elected

BOOTH                 Emma                   177        Elected

AMOS-SANSAM  Nathaneal           132        Elected

MEREDITH          Rebecca               154        Elected

DAVIES                 Luke John (LJ)     130        Elected


Not elected


AHLUWALIA        Kirith                     149        

NORTON             Charlotte             147        

MARSHALL          Bradley                121        

GREWAL              Vickram               117        

SMYTH                 Matthew             115        

KHAN                    Junaed                 104        

SYED                     Deeba                    99        

GATSIOS              Christos                 98         

ROSE                    Amrita                    98        

ISLAM                   Nadia Mira            82         

POPE                    Melanie                 77         

DASH                    Greg                       70        

BARNETT             Milo                        64         

BARWELL O’CONNOR Tadhgh        55         

BREEN                  Dominic                 55         

KUGLER                Ian                          49        

SEALE                   Freddie                   49        

AJEIGBE               Itunu                       46        

SAMUDA              Charlie                   46         

OWATEMI           Taiwo                     35         

BLAGOV               Robert                    29         

JOHNSTON          George                   23         

LUNGU                Slydon                    22         


The new executive will meet soon for an executive meeting chaired by outgoing Chair, Martin Edobor to elect constitutional officers. 


The new exec will be constitutionally onfirmed at the Young Fabian AGM on 19th of November. 

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