Executive Accountability

At our AGM last November, I pledged improved accountability to the membership - here you can read the current Executive Committee's end of year reports.

Last November, our members were keen to see increased accountability with regards to elected officers and our vision for the year. When I spoke to you all at the AGM, I presented the role descriptions for all portfolio roles as agreed with each newly elected executive member. Here you can read their end of year reports, which relate to those role descriptions. 

Chair Report - Ria Bernard

Vice-Chair Report - Rob Newbery

Secretary Report - Kuba Stawiski

Treasurer Report - Ava Etemadzadeh

Antics Editor - Charlotte Norton

Europe Lead - Ludo Orlando

Parliamentary Liaison - Deeba Syed

Networks Liaison - Kyalo Burt-Fulcher

Local Government Liaison - Adam Allnutt

Deputy Antics Editor - Jack Phipps

Welfare Officer - Miriam Mirwitch

Thank you to our Executive Committee for their work this year, If you have any questions or comments, please do get in touch with me: ria.bernard@youngfabians.org.uk.

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