Ellie Groves elected National Chair

On the evening of Sunday 13th of November, the new Young Fabian Executive elected their constitutional officers. Ellie Groves, was elected Young Fabian National Chair unanimously by the new executive.

Ellie Groves topped the Young Fabian ballot with the highest number of votes on record and now follows.

Alongside Ellie Groves, Ria Bernard was re-elected Vice-Chair, Kyalo-Burth Fulcher, Treasurer, Kuba Stawiski, Secretary and Charlotte Norton, Editor of Anticipations.

Martin Edobor, the former Chair of the Young Fabians stated that "Ellie Groves, has a huge amount of experience and a deep understanding of the Fabian Society and the left. As a former Editor of Anticipations, she transformed our output, creating a high-quality publication. While on the exec she has worked hard to empower BAME and women members, in addition to supporting the wider membership. I wish to congratulate Ellie on her election, and look forward to seeing the direction the Young Fabians take in the upcoming year"

The new Young Fabian Executive and constitutional officers will be confirmed at the upcoming Young Fabian AGM.

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