Feeding the Fire: How New Labour’s attempts at neutralising the immigration debate unwittingly made it dominate the discourse

Labour must be a progressive force, and though immigration might now seem firmly entrenched as a negative in the public consciousness, with courage and vision, the current can be altered. 

Cornwall and the myth that Labour can't win

Labour needs to start gaining ground and winning back voters by making in-roads into these communities if it is to have any chance of winning a majority in future elections. Only then can we realistically deliver the Labour government that Cornwall, and the country, so desperately needs.

Lessons from Robin Cook

Robin Cook’s qualities are needed to take Labour back to 1997 style victory

We need to stop using “Blairite” as a term of abuse

I am concerned that our generation has yet to learn the lessons of pragmatism and compromise that facilitated that landslide victory and all the positive change that came afterwards. We should remain critical of the mistakes made in those 13 years, but throwing “Blairite” around as a swear word is doing nobody any favours.

UKIP, the burqa and British values

It is clear that the motivation for policies such as the burka ban is neither the best interests of the women involved nor the country as a whole. Instead it would appear that UKIP is attempting to create a notion of British identity that is exclusive, monolithic and oppressive

Automation and the changing workforce.

"Labour can at least begin the process by reforming social security and striking back at right wing rhetoric that condemns those without jobs. We can champion education systems that enable everyone and anyone to achieve their goals and contribute to society, without the need to do so through employment. We must begin this change."

The Future of Work

"The advocates for the adoption of new technologies and new ways of working highlight the opportunities that this will bring.  However, as this article makes clear, we must proceed with caution, for the changing working practices can also bring greater income inequalities and lower standards of living. "

Robots - What are they good for?

"The political right is not blind to the rise of automation either and the same ideology that has already gutted industry in Britain once before will not see the need to manage automation to meet human needs"

SDLT and first-time buyers

"If the Labour Party is serious about tackling falling rates of homeownership, then it needs to adopt a radical approach to property taxes. "

The Public Authority (Accountability) Bill: Righting the wrongs of the past.

"In what could be Andy Burnham’s final act as an MP before being elected as the Mayor for Greater Manchester Regional Authority, he sets out in this bill a legacy that the Hillsborough campaigns, and the campaigners for many other justice campaigns, can be proud of."

Self-employment isn’t necessarily a choice

"We need to make sure that our unions are able to defend our rights in all working spheres, and that we have policy in place that eliminates the risk of bosses eroding those hard fought-for rights."

Labour has been framed for a crime it did not commit

"We can unite in defence of our economic record, take the Tories to task and win back some precious lost ground. The fate of our party may depend on it"

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