Corbyn’s fiscal policy: sound economics, difficult timing

"If Labour loses the election, its persistent lack of fiscal credibility will be a contributing factor. Its fiscal policies, per se, will not be. This country is crying out for a progressive tax system in which the wealthy minority pull their weight in paying contributions."

You and the atomic bomb

To turn the internet into a truly effective weapon takes skill, money and power. It's time we all woke up, before the clock strikes 13.

Power in a Union

Question: What is the most important question, this election? Answer: “Will radical devolution provide an escape?”.

A question posed, post-Brexit, by Professor Roger Scully

Rebutting the Tory Manifesto

May’s conservatism is a social one, a form of conservatism which is willing to wreck and ruin people’s living standards, people’s prospects, and our nation's prosperity in order to fit into a narrow minded ideology. A vision for a nation good, however the Conservative Manifesto has blinkers on. May seems to busy trying to right the wrongs that happened in her time as home secretary to see the economic calamity that is on it’s way. 

Transitioning from Protest Vote to World Leader: Corbyn and the United States

Now, more than ever, the Labour Party must offer a credible, realistic means of dealing with our transatlantic ally.

Labour's Manifesto and Human Rights in Northern Ireland

"This is Labour at its best – protecting the many who are calling out for their rights, against the loud few who want to keep the status quo. "

A finely tuned ear for change

"The right policies change, but the right attitude does not. With a modern agenda for change, promoted with a clear message from a strong leader, Labour can be unstoppable."

Labour's Campaign and Brexit

"Against Tory promises of ‘Strong and Stable Leadership’ Labour must make as clear in 2017 as in 1997 that you can never be sure with a Conservative. Today’s Conservative Party should not be allowed to hide its weakness behind Brexit. 1997 shows that a positive and principled alternative can be produced."

New Labour's Party Political Broadcasts

"New Labour’s campaign was forward looking, their policy focus was snappy and simple, and their message was unifying. It was an approach that appealed to those beyond traditional Labour strongholds."

Labour's legacy of discrimination legislation

"With more disabled Labour MPs in parliament, there will be more insight and better knowledge into the problems disabled people face in the world of work and hopefully better legislation can be drafted to ensure disabled people can compete in a  21st century workforce. "


Want to campaign but not sure where to start? The Young Fabians have worked together with other organisations to pull together a timetable of campaigning dates.

Please get in touch with any member of the exec if you have questions. Please also let us know if your organisation would like to add their dates.

The intertwined destinies of Labour voters in the North and the countryside

"New Labour might have tried to update the party’s identity, but in government showed this really a con, and has never fully recovered. This has left a vacuum which shrieks of cosmopolitan elitism, with a lack of respect for the traditions that have developed British identity together for centuries, and appeal to many in Britain today. Without acknowledging them, Labour will continue to be soulless, and inevitably keep haemorrhaging votes."

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